Women Sleep Better Beside Their Dogs Than Their Humans - A Case Study

Women Sleep Better Beside Their Dogs Than Their Humans - A Case Study

Are you a woman who sleeps beside your human partner but have never tried sleeping beside your doggo? You might just have better sleep if you do the switch. 

A study, published in Anthrozoös and featured in simplemost.com, discovered that a woman’s quality of sleep improves when she is beside her pet dog than her human partner.


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More than 960 women participated in the survey. 55% of the women surveyed slept with their dogs, and 57% cuddled with their humans. As a result, the women who slept beside their dogs weren’t disturbed as much as compared to their human partners. The dogs were also connected with more feelings of comfort and security.                 

Are you going to do the switch now?

Happy Women’s Equality Day and National Dog Day!

To assist you and your dog’s sleep, try to sleep beside Amethyst and Howlite, too!

Amethyst provides protection against negative energy, betrayal, and disappointment when you’re awake and asleep. Known for its ability to stimulate the amygdala, your third eye will surely open and expand, allowing you to form better insight and understanding of people’s ways. Amethyst is also beneficial in helping you uncover your personal purpose in life by connecting us to our higher power; and re-connecting you with your our own divine inner source of wisdom.

Furthermore, Amethyst is particularly beneficial in helping you purify the mind, remain calm in turbulent situations, and feel more intuitive by being coming closer to your infinite self. 

Howlite will also help you sleep better. The stone is most known for its calming effect. Howlite is an anti-frustration stone, which can help you deal with tension, anxiety and stress. Once worn close to the body, Howlite will absorb your anger and frustration, for you to be able to release it.

Howlite also helps to repair your mind to take on wisdom and deep insights on everything that is happening around you. This stone will help you formulate your ambition to work out what you want to do, and then go-ahead and achieve it. It will also teach you to be patient, to eliminate rage, and stay focused on achieving your goals.

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Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Never owned a dog.


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Words by Tina Macaraeg

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