As part of our mission at Annanta stones we are determined to help those in need, we have teamed up with few amazing charities, donating between 10% - 15% on selected product to help them succeed in providing support to Burma and its well-being.  

Although Burma is one of the world’s poorest countries, suffering from corruption, water shortages, and civil rights issues. Regardless of the unfortunate conditions, Burma has one of the most welcoming and friendly cultures. Perhaps it is their Buddhist and Hindu culture, or it could be the fact that many enlightened beings shared their positive vibrations with all beings, but Burmese people are some of the most warm-hearted, welcoming and loving people on our planet. Below are few of the causes we support.
Helping The Burmese Delta
Helping the Burmese Delta (HTBD) is a small charity, working collaboratively using an integrated model focusing on education, health and livelihoods to help improve villager' quality of life in the Irrawaddy Delta Region. HTBD is also partnering with Australian AID, Western Union Foundation and St Ives Group. The below video "A day in the life of a family living in the Delta". Take 5 minutes to watch the video, which will give you a good sense of the villagers' lives, hardships, resilience, and hopes.
Elephant Family
Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. At Aananta Stones we firmly support the cause of Elephant Family. In particular project “Myanmar”. Myanmar is fast losing its wild elephants but has more potential habitat remaining than any other range country across Asia. It is estimated that there is more than twice the amount of potential elephant habitat in Myanmar than there is in India and Thailand combined. Large areas urgently need surveying, as potential elephant habitat is at risk of deforestation, especially now that the country is more open to international trade. Conflicts between elephants and people living in areas converted for settlements and farming is becoming widespread. The survival of wild elephant populations is under enormous threat from poaching for ivory, skins and the smuggling of elephant calves into Thailand for the tourist trade.
Finally, there is always more we could do to change our planet for the better - and with your help, we can.