Confidence Wrap Bracelet (Tiger Eye and Black Onyx) Limited Edition
Confidence • Courage • Strenght
$29.99 $59.98
Tiger Eye is well known for its healing properties. Mainly used as a stone of protection, it gives self-confidence and it blocks negative energies like an armor shield. A powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief. Furthermore, Black Onyx is a stone rooting to the earth that helps balance the Root Chakra. Black Onyx is also known to help you feel more stable and in control of your emotions, which creates solid confidence in you. Especially, when it comes to facing difficult life situations. Perfect gift for zen buddies and loved ones! About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Black Onyx, Tiger Eye, Black Stone, Rope Chain Size: Bead 3mm/4mm Length: 51cm+3cm ; 3 Layer
Harmonizing Hematite Chakra Bracelet
Harmony • Healing • Protection
$34.99 $69.99
Harmonizing Hematite is a Stone Of Healing, Grounding, Fortune Telling, Meditation, Stabilization,  And Protection.  Known To Create A Protective Environment and Reflective Sheild Around The Person Who Wears Them.  Along with The Crystal Colors Of the Seven Chakras, This Makes For a Powerful Bracelet!    1. Crown Chakra - The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. 2. Third Eye Chakra - Our ability to focus on and see the big picture. 3. Throat Chakra - Our ability to communicate. 4. Heart Chakra - Our ability to love.   5. Solar Plexus Chakra - Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. 6. Sacral Chakra - Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. 7. Root Chakra - Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. Keep yourself protected from negative energy!  About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Natural Stone, Copper Beads, Crystal Beads, Metal, Leather Size: 32 inches (83.5 cm) with 3 Closures for Adjustment
Natural Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Truth • Courage • Hope
$39.99 $79.98
Amazonite draws its soothing power from the element of Water. It is a stone of strength and renewal with a slow, steady frequency and a deep circular energy that embodies the interconnectedness of all things. Amazonite helps spiritual patterns of thoughts, words, and actions move in our world and flow in a very circular direction. Amazonite is a powerful stone for enhancing patience and cope with change and encourages giving service to others. Amazonite is an excellent stone for strength and courage. This stone will help you remove your self-doubts, and reach your goals with confidence. If you hesitate on the things that you can do, this stone will help you trust and love yourself and your passions. Carry or wear this stone to uplift your self-worth and heal your worries. Amazonite is also a powerful reminder to stay present to the present moment, when challenging life situations arise. Furthermore, Amazonite is a marvelous stone used as a powerful reminder to cultivate patience when coping with change, as well as encourage giving service to others. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Amazonite, Jasper, Leather, Metal Size: Around 19.7 inches+3 closures 100% New and Exquisite Quality
108 Black Onyx Mala Beads Luminous Dragon Bracelet (Limited Edition)
Strenght • Happiness • Fortune
$49.99 $99.98
This gorgeous one-of-a-kind Black Onyx and Tiger Eye Mala Bracelet absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx is a powerful stone which aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief. Black Onyx fosters wise decision-making Use Black Onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune. Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone and can provide support for self-discipline issues. Because it helps to hold physical memories, Black Onyx can be useful in healing past life issues. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Mala  Bracelet Main beads: Onyx, Tiger Eye Beads size: 8mm or 6mm you can choose
Pi Yao Wealth And Abundance Citrine Bead Bracelet (50% OFF Limited Offer)
Prosperity • Fortune • Protection
$29.99 $59.98
Manifest Your Dreams! Healing Properties of the stones: Citrine is one of the luckiest stones around and is popular in attracting wealth and abundance. Citrine is called the merchants stone that helps you attract and trap money and wealth. It is also a creative stone that intensifies your mental vibe for great business ideas. This stone quartz helps you boost your confidence and creativity for a generally positive outlook on life. Citrine is also a great stone for anyone whose fallen on difficult times as it repels bad luck. Using Citrine can really infuse your spirit with the optimism and positivity that you need to attract good things into your life and to bring you to a state of stability. Using this stone will make you a magnet for happiness and abundance.  Pi Yao is a popular protector in feng shui and believed to ward off evil spirits and protects you from harm. It attracts a never ending flow of money, good luck, and abundance.  Pi Yao is a mythical creature from Asia that symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Wear it everyday for protection and good luck. Get this grounding energy bracelet for 50% OFF Today! Stone: Citrine Beads Size: 10mm / 12 mm / 14mm Size: Adjustable / Elastic
Natural Calming Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Serenity • Peace • Clarity
$29.99 $59.98
Feel a sense of calmness and relaxation transpire from within when you wear this stunning Natural Calming Amazonite Wrap Bracelet. Close your eye and imagine you are in your own paradise, take at least three deep cleansings breathes, and continue about your day with a clear mind and peaceful demeanor.  Natural Amazonite encourages deeper meditation needed to acquire karmic healing.  Amazonite is known for its anti-anxiety properties within the healing crystal community. Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone. Wear this one-of-a-kind bracelet and become free of all toxic emotions. Amazonite helps you see both sides of a problem, alleviates worry or fear and calms the mind. Visualize water running along the Amazon River. Let go of all negative feelings. Allow what is no longer serving you to flow like water from the mind, body, and soul. *Stone shape and color may vary slightly due to natural stone properties!  About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Leather, Semi-Precious Amazonite, Mixed-Stone & Beads Size: Around 13 inches + 3 Closures for Adjustment
Healing Obsidian Dragon + Phoenix Bracelet Set
Renewal • Fortune • Happiness
$59.99 $119.99
Rainbow Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that has POWERFUL healing properties with different alluring colors showing from within. Known as the "stone of pleasure" that brings enjoyment and joy to one's life. It also brings love and light to one and can bring out the Spiritual used to enhance clairvoyance. It is an excellent stone to scry especially in the areas of love, relationships, and self-development. As an Obsidian Stone, it is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura and is a strong psychic protection stone. It has powerful metaphysical properties that will shield you against negativity and stress.  A "VITALITY" stone to connect you to your soul's purpose. The Dragon and the Phoenix represent the balance of Yin and Yang. The Phoenix is a mythical bird of legend. It is a magical, radiant and shimmering bird, which lives for several hundred years before it dies by bursting into flames then is reborn from the ashes, to start a new, long life. A Phoenix is a symbol of: Transformation Longevity Renewal Purity Strength Health Dragons are believed to bring incredible luck, wisdom, prosperity, abundance, consistent success, and high achievement. A Dragon is a symbol for: Good Fortune Valiance Heroism Boldness Self-confidence Power Excellence Perseverance Nobility Vitality Happiness About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Bracelet (Pair) Material: Rainbow Obsidian, Black Obsidian, Blue Tiger Eye Size: Length:  Dragon: 70cm | 27.6in Phoenix: 65cm | 25.6in Bead Size:  Dragon: 8mm Phoenix: 6mm
Natural Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet
Courage • Strength • Protection
from $33.99 $67.98
The Stone of Intuition and Insight The Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye or Falcon's Eye, is seen as the most authoritative of the eye stones. It is a stone of intuition and insight that is also very protective, warding off nightmares, and protecting one from malice and jealousy. Blue Tiger Eye works extremely well with the Throat and Third Eye chakras which creates a link that provides inspirational guidance for one’s life. It can help illuminate issues that may have been difficult to see otherwise by relaxing your Throat Chakra to clear blockages and form a strong connection with the Third-Eye Chakra, allowing easier access to the intuition, and increasing all forms of psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance, astral travel, and remote viewing. It is also said that Blue Tiger Eye is a highly stabilizing and grounding stone. It promotes taking action, helping you to accomplish goals, and make clear decisions when you feel the time is right.  Product Details: Item Type: Bracelets Item Condition: Brand New Shape\pattern: Round Material: Blue Tiger Eye Chain Type: Elastic Bead Size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm Length: 19cm | 7.87 inches  
Healing Opal Amethyst Bracelet
Peace • Optimism • Hope
$39.99 $79.99
This Opal and Amethyst combination is a beautiful bracelet of hope and peace. Opal, also known as The Queen of Gems. It alleviates mental stress and enables the wearer to see positivity in the environment. Amethyst, bestowing stability and peace. It is a stone used for meditation and enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. By providing clarity and enhanced consciousness, it promotes calm and contentment. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Opal, Amethyst Size: ~Around 6.7 inches and adjustable
Healing Jade Imperial Wrap Bracelet
Purity • Serenity • Abundance
$39.99 $79.98
Healing Jade Imperial Bracelet is a symbol of serenity, tranquility, and purity. It’s a stone that’s believed to herald smart luck, friendship, peace, and harmony. It helps to ground you within the moment and stop your mind from overthinking itself into damaging cycles. assist you within the manifestation of your dreams into reality. Jade will instill courageousness and compassion within you. The additional wealth and abundance that you simply receive, the additional generous you'll become. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material:  Jade, Imperial Jasper, Agate, Leather, Alloy Size: 32 inches +3 closures for adjustment 100% New and Exquisite Quality
Healing Green Aventurine Bracelet
Luck • Prosperity • Hope
$39.99 $79.98
A Healing Green Aventurine Bracelet is called the stone of opportunity. Green Aventurine is also generally known to bring success and good luck. People who own this mineral also believed that it brings prosperity to your life through opportunities, wealth, and relationships. Healing Green Aventurine Bracelet is utilized for increasing chance and for manifesting wealth and prosperity. Its winning energies make it an excellent partner for boosting a person’s chances in any scenario.  About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Aventurine, Hematite, Crystal, Leather Size: ~32.5 inches with 3 adjustable Closures
Healing Mixed Crystals Bracelet
Power • Confidence • Motivation
$39.99 $79.99
" Your life is a canvass, make sure you paint yourself a whole lot of Colorful days. " This Bracelet will make sure that positive vibes flow through your body non-stop. It will keep you energized and empowered. It will keep you feeling positive and uplifted and will help you achieve your goals and objectives. This fully handmade unique bracelet has a mix of rainbow Jasper stones all with a gorgeous finish attached to leather strings. Turquoise is a powerful protective stone that can help ease communication and enhance intuition. It is also used to balance the chakras, as well as aid meditation. It is a calming stone which people have used for thousands of years, for protection. Turquoise is a powerful stone that works to balance the Throat Chakra, when it is placed on the body.   Amazonite is known as the anti-anxiety stone within the healing crystal community. Amazonite encourages deeper meditation in order to acquire karmic healing. It is a powerful heart chakra stone. Wear this spiritual bracelet and become free of all toxic emotions. Amazonite helps you see both sides of a problem, alleviates worry or fear and calms the mind. Jasper has healing properties that can benefit everyone. Known as the cellular Jasper stone because of its ability to heal at a deeper cellular level. Wear this beautiful and unique bracelet when you are feeling down in the dumps or fatigue. Ocean Jasper's healing properties include: lifting spirits, bringing feelings of joy and happiness, and helps release negative feels/ thoughts/ emotions. Feel your spirits lift, positive energies transcend, and watch your confidence skyrocket!    About the item: Material: Jasper, Amazonite, Turquoise, Leather, Metal Alloy Size: 18cm, 20cm | 7in, 8in (adjustable with 2 closures) Handmade Artwork Made with Love and carefully manufactured
Healing Emperor Jasper Wrap Bracelet
Recovery • Wisdom • Balance
$39.99 $79.99
Emperor Jasper Stone is linked with nobility of spirit and purpose, it is the perfect anti-stress stone for those in charge of others’ well-being, and for older children and teenagers to carry to resist being led into unwise behavior or risky situations.Emperor Jasper Stone is thought to encourage recovery from trauma, severe accident or a major illness where a person has to learn to live again. It benefits older people who are taking later in life qualifications or career changes.This is the perfect crystal for anyone who has a lot of responsibility for the wellbeing of others or whose decisions affect the lives of others. While Emperor Jasper Stone connects you to the spiritual world, it stimulates the throat chakra and balances yin and yang energies. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Emperor Stone, Hematite, Agate, Zinc Alloy Size: ~19.7 inches +3 Adjustable Closures
Healing Natural Amazonite Wrap Bracelet
Hope • Courage • Intuition
$39.99 $79.99
A bracelet with three powerful healing stones for Hope, Courage, and Intuition. The stone of hope, Amazonite helps filter outside information through the use of Intuition. Amazonite encourages faith and physical strength. It is also known to heal the brain and the nervous system. Agate is a stone of strength and courage; it tones and strengthens the mind & body, grounding, and stabilizing emotions. Jasper connects the wearer with Earth's energy and has a grounding and stabilizing effect. It is a deeply nourishing stone.  About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Wrap Bracelet Material: Amazonite , Crystal, Agate , Jasper Stone, Leather, Alloy Size: ~32 Inches + 3 closures for adjustment
Healing Emperor Apple Watch Strap
Balance • Peace • Abundance
$39.99 $79.99
Note: This Watch Strap is only compatible with Apple Watches.To shop for Fitbit Watch Straps, click here. Emperor Stones are most useful in matters of the heart or when you’re seeking a sense of balance and stability in your life. These are crystals of unconditional love, and they will similarly see you awash with positive feelings and a sense of peace and nurturing. This wonderful stone will enhance your wisdom, protect you from harm, and infuse your life with good luck. It will also help you to create an energy of abundance so that your intentions can blossom into realities! This beautiful piece is mixed with Agate stones which is a marvelous gemstone for rebalancing and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit.  It cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. If you are feeling depressed or repressed, this is your stone! Another benefit is its ability to help you see the bigger picture instead of dwelling on the small things. Agate will help in creating energies of security and positive vibes for you. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Watch Strap Material: Emperor Stone, Agate, Sesame Stones Watch Plate Size: 38-41 mm Bracelet size: Around 83cm + 3 closures for adjustable (Fits 16-18 cm wrist) Apple watch not included
925 Sterling Silver Pi Xiu Wealth Ring with Heart Sutra Inside Adjustable
Prosperity • Luck • Peace
$39.99 $79.99
Wear this Pi Xiu Wealth Ring to continuously increase the flow of fortune to your life! The Pi Xiu is a celestial creature that is commonly known to attract wealth, and luck to its owner. Whether it is a display or being worn, it induces great effects of prosperity. The Pi Xiu provides a minimum of six blessings as follows: Conducts good luck and fortune Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck Enhances wealth and riches Protects individuals and building Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship Brings unexpected windfall luck. Also inside the ring is the Heart Sūtra (Sanskrit Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya or 心經 Xīnjīng), a popular sutra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its Sanskrit title, Prajñāpāramitāhṛdaya, can be translated as "The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom". The Heart Sūtra is often cited as the best-known and most popular Buddhist scripture. It is especially popular in East Asia and is highly respected by Tibetan Buddhism. Surface Width: 8mm Size: can be adjusted to 8-12 USA size

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