Calming Ocean Jasper Teardrop Necklace
Tranquility • Happiness • Creativity
$49.99 $99.99
Ocean Jasper is a vibrant blue and green stone known for its powerful healing properties. Its unique marks, specs, and patterns vary with each stone. This Calming Ocean Jasper Teardrop Necklace represents earthy and strong characteristics. This stone is excellent for someone searching for grounding and stability. Its colors and unique features resemble the ocean. Wear this necklace and become connected with nature on a deeper level.  Blue Ocean Jasper benefits those with spiritual or creative blocks. Jasper stones are for those feeling stuck, stagnant, or finding themselves with limited enthusiasm/ motivation. As a grounding stone, Jasper helps open the mind. It helps tap into your creative energies allowing you to see infinite possibilities.  Wear this Calming Ocean Jasper Teardrop Necklace and allow its healing properties to work their magic. Feel relieved, motivated, energetic, and creative. Get ready for endless opportunity to come knocking at your door!    Blue Ocean Jasper has other healing properties that can benefit EVERYONE. Known as the cellular Jasper stone because of its ability to heal at a deeper cellular level. Wear this beautiful and unique necklace when you are feeling down in the dumps or fatigue. Ocean Jasper's healing properties include: lifting spirits, bringing feelings of joy and happiness, and helps release negative feels/ thoughts/ emotions. Feel your spirits lift, positive energies transcend, and watch your confidence skyrocket!    Overall, this is a stone we can all utilize more often. Everyone should have Ocean Jasper in their crystal collection! About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Shape\pattern: Water/Tear Drop Stone: Blue Ocean Jasper Stone, Mixed Natural Stones Metals Type: Copper, Gold Plated, Rose Gold Size: About 33.5 inches
Healing Lapis Lazuli Strengthening Necklace
Serenity • Compassion • Protection
$49.99 $99.99
Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection. It can recognize a psychic attack and works to negate the effects of any negative or harmful energies coming your way. Wearing it around your neck or throat allows the vibrations to access the Throat chakra and to clear away negative energies gently. It is also a stone of serenity and peace, calming tempers, releasing stress, and bringing the mind and body together in harmony. Lapis Lazuli encourages self-awareness and taking charge of your own life. It helps us express ourselves safely and empowering without holding back, and brings the qualities of honesty, compassion, and integrity to the wearer. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Genuine Gold Plating Chains Size: 1st layer ~16 inches; 2nd Layer ~19.8 inches
Healing Aquamarine Necklace with Turquoise, Shell Pearl and Rose Quartz Pendant
Awareness • Protection • Balance
$49.00 $99.99
 About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material:  Aquamarine, Turquoise, Shell Pearl, Rose Quartz Size: ~19.7 inch
Healing Turquoise Oil Diffuser Necklace
Protection • Serenity • Well-being
$34.99 $69.98
Turquoise is a powerful protective stone that can help ease communication and enhance intuition. It's used to balance the chakras, as well as aid meditation. It is a calming stone that people have used for thousands of years for protection. Turquoise improves the mental state overall by increasing all of the following positive mental characteristics: serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness, and wisdom, which result in a calmer state that leads to greater self-realization. Heal and be protected with your favorite essential oil and with the power of Healing Turquoise Oil Diffuser Necklace. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Turquoise, Zinc Alloy Chain Length: ~60cm Pendant Size: diameter ~4cm
Healing Geode Druzy Turquoise Necklace
Healing • Imagination • Peace
$49.99 $99.98
A Geode Turquoise Necklace is considered a great healing power! It helps you to clear your mind and intuition, letting go of those thoughts that can destruct your concentration, geode boost meditation which makes you get a deeper insight in the form of different pieces of information that come through you that can help you in your life.  Use Geode to boost imagination. Geodes can assist you to communicate with divine beings and help you have a lively mood and get rid of negative energy and anxiety and helps you in decision-making.  Wear this beautiful Turquoise Necklace by your heart and feel the healing effects of its positive vibes. the color symbolizes the and peaceful beautiful waters. Turquoise a reminder of your happy place, a spiritual mediation and rid of emotional storms that may blow through your world! About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Geode, Turquoise, Alloy Size: Around 33.5 inches, Stone 6mm 100% New and Exquisite Quality
Dragon's Eye Labradorite Necklace
Healing • Tranquility • Peace
$39.99 $79.99
This stunning necklace is hand-crafted with a large Labradorite stone, which symbolizes a Dragon's Eye- a powerful amulet known for centuries.  It is, in every sense, a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance.It is known that stones emit most of their energy when in contact with skin, therefore we have designed a special amulet-like necklace with large mesh holes so that this powerful Labradorite would work more efficiently and would be visible from any angle. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world and provides a safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future.  Wearing or carrying Labradorite allows one's innate magical powers to surface. It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits. As a workplace stone, Labradorite brings out the best in people, making work life more congenial.  Color shades and sizes can vary on all natural stones, please allow for slight variations. Since Labradorite is a natural stone it can differ in color and the amount of shimmer. When light strikes Labradorite from a particular direction, it displays striking rainbow-colored reflections.  About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Labradorite Stone Weight: 40-50g/ 1.4-1.76 oz Size: Rope length 9-14.9 inch (adjustable) About 2*2.5cm (Labradorite stone)
Healing Aqua Terra Tranquility Necklace
Strength • Renewal • Serenity
$39.99 $79.99
Imperial Jasper, like all other Jaspers regarded for its supreme nurturing eminence. This legendary eminence provides a firm ground for its carrier to sustain its abilities during times of stress. Further, Imperial Jasper is conceived to bring in the sensations of tranquillity along with the feelings of wholeness. It is likewise known to unify all the aspects of its carrier's life as well as keep reminding the power of comradeship. Imperial Jasper is exceedingly deployed in chakra layouts as it holds the propensity to align each and every chakra flawlessly. Imperial Jasper is an eminent spiritual healer that activates all the chakras of the torso including the Heart, Sacral, Root as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Jasper, Genuine Gold Plated Chain Size:  Around 19 cm
Healing Jasper Chakra Necklace
Healing • Balance • Protection
$29.99 $59.98
  About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Jasper Size: ~23.5 inches Adjustable Closures
Healing Turquoise Stone Necklace
Comfort • Support • Peace
$33.99 $67.98
Turquoise is one of the most spiritual stones in the world of crystals. It provides comfort and solace for the spirit as well as support for the physical body. It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace. Holding or wearing Turquoise helps restore depleted vitality and lifts sagging spirits. It relieves stress and brings the focus back to the center heart. It is also known as a purification stone that will mitigate the ill effects of exposure to electromagnetic smog, radio waves, and pollutants in the atmosphere. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Turquoise, Genuine Rhodium Plated Chain Size: ~ 19.7 inches
Love Chakra Rose Quartz Necklace
Balance • Love • Peace
$69.99 $139.99
This carefully curated spiritual jewelry features healing stones that not only reflect your true self but also help to heal and balance you. More than just a fashion accessory, this handcrafted jewelry is a powerful tool for healing. When purchasing an item for yourself or for a loved one, choose consciously. Each piece is unique and handcrafted with intention. Overall, this is a stone we can all utilize more often. Everyone should have Rose Quartz in their crystal collection!    About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Rose Quartz Size: Around 19.7 inches
Natural Crystal Pendant Tree Of Life Moon Necklace
Healing • Purity • Endurance
$34.99 $79.99
The Tree Of Life has been a respected symbol of purity, beauty and rebirth. It is believed that it represents how difficulties and trials can bring forth a majestic transformation in a person as he or she is honed and molded into the beauty they have become today. A Healing Tree of Life Moon Necklace helps strengthen friendship and nurture the bond, and increase spiritual patterns of thoughts, words, and actions move in our world and flow in a very circular direction. It's a powerful reminder for enhancing patience and cope with change and encourages giving service to others. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Necklace Material: Semi precious gemstones Size: 37*32*12mm 100% New and Exquisite Quality
Healing Aquamarine Necklace
Awareness • Protection • Balance
$39.99 $79.99
Aquamarine carries the powers to balance, stabilize and regulate the mental, emotional and physical aspects of its user. Aquamarine reminds the purity of crystal blue waters and the feeling of serenity that the sea brings. Spiritually, this stone is associated with trust, openness and letting go. The gem is also seen as a stone of courage and helps people overcome the challenges they face daily.  It is believed that Aquamarine stone reduces fluid retention in the body and also calms down the nerves. It is the perfect stone for those who have communication problems and can not control their anger in difficult situations.  This Healing Aquamarine Necklace will help you find the inner balanced and calm state of yours. Wearing this beautiful piece of art will help you attract positive energies and guide you in your self-healing journey.  About the item: Item Type: Necklace Material: Aquamarine, Stainless Steel Pendant Size: 10 mm weight, 12 mm height Chain Size: 41 cm + 6 cm extender 
Natural Black Obsidian Hexagram Necklace
Confidence • Motivation • Guidance
$59.99 $119.99
Black Obsidian is best known for its ability to cleanse and ground. It is rooted in the base chakras and is strongly connected to the earth. It is said to draw the negative energies out and into the earth where it is neutralized.  Black Obsidian finds the perfect way to transmute anything negative into positive and beneficial. It will evoke the self-confidence, motivation, and strength that lie inside you. This Natural Black Obsidian Hexagram Necklace will ground your aura and keep you connected to nature. It will also attract good fortune and wealth to your life. Wear it and enjoy the beauty of being whole with nature.    About the item: Item Type: Necklace Material: Black Obsidian Pendant Size: 2.6*2.7 cm  
Healing Rhodochrosite Beaded Mala
Comfort • Peace • Love
$59.99 $119.99
 Rhodochrosite stone is known for its powerful properties to soothe the heart, comfort the soul and vibrate to the frequencies of inner peace. Being referred to as the stone of Compassionate Heart, Rhodochrosite symbolizes selfless love. It, however, directs that love first toward the self for the purpose of emotional healing. By empowering one to understand old wounds, suppressed feelings and past traumas, it helps one to see past issues with new eyes, and release pain and heal.  The first step to having a clear and calm mind and soul is to understand and love yourself. This beautiful Healing Rhodochrosite Beaded Mala will help you attract heavenly energies and dispel any negative thoughts or feelings. May love and peace always surround you.  About the item: Item Type: Mala Material: Rhodochrosite Size: About 86 cm 
White Jade Calming Mala
Serenity • Purity • Peace
$29.99 $59.99
White Jade is known for its ability to enhance calmness, clarity, and peace both in your mind and heart. It will help you direct your energy to the most needed and beneficial parts of your life. White Jade will help you achieve your goals by motivating you and restoring your confidence. It is a powerful stone that increases energy in your love life and strengthens your connections with loved ones by promoting emotional healing. White Jade also has strong physical healing properties. It can ease the pain in any illness related to joints and bones. It is a great booster for the immune system and a strong detoxifier. White Jade is known for its power in improving fertility and balancing the reproductive system which makes it a perfect gift for a loved woman who waits for a baby. This White Jade Calming Mala is created to provide you with a relaxing and peaceful experience. You can use this beautiful piece of art as a bracelet or a necklace. White Jade Calming Mala is also a perfect meditation accessory. Keep it near you while meditating or during the day and let it guard you in your journey to your inner tranquil and mindful state. About the item: Item Type: MalaMaterial: White Jade Bead Size: 6*8 mm, 8*10 mm,12 mm
Healing 7 Chakra Meditation 108 Mala
Positiveness • Strength • Tranquility
$39.99 $79.98
Jasper is known to promote good and positive thoughts. This is a highly grounding and harmonizing stone that has a strong connection to the earth. Its grounding energy will provide you with a solid sense of who you really are, the journey you have taken, and where you want to be. It also provides a strengthening energy for the emotional body, easing stress and producing calm stability. For those sensitive to its vibration, it creates a special aura, a pleasant sensation as it irradiates throughout the body. It invites feelings of compassion and patience, humility, and even generosity! If you suffer from anxiety or stress, Agate is one of the best crystals to work with to achieve a calmer, more balanced state. This crystal’s soothing, grounding energy guides you out of a state of panic or overwhelm, and helps you get re-centered. It helps you to breathe a little deeper and find your center so you can move through life with more grace and ease. About the Item: Handcrafted Product Product Type: Mala  Material: Jasper, Agate, Zinc alloy Bead Size: ~8 mm  Length: 100 cm

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