This Medicine Can Reverse Overdose and Save Millions of Lives!

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Sometimes, when we feel sick, we look for something that can save us. When we finally find that medicine, the one we look up to for being redeemed and healthy, we tend to grasp on it too much. Depend on it too much. Too much of anything is not good.

This International Overdose Awareness Day, the National Safety Council wants us to remember those who have suffered from overdose and share the knowledge on how to avoid it from happening. Let us all work together on acting upon overdose prevention. 


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Just this month, a medicine has been discovered to prevent overdose from opioids. Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, can reverse the effects of oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine, and heroin, making sure that the body lessens the amount of these opioids when taken too much.

Last 2017, around 48,000 were recorded to have died of overdose from opioids. This number can be lessened. Deaths can be prevented. Lives can be saved.

If you need more strength to face each day of medication, you may seek guidance from Black Tourmaline and African Turquoise.

Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds including psychic protection and EMF protection. It is also a strong spiritual grounding stone. Also known as Schorl, it encourages optimistic attitudes as well as good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in. It has wonderful healing crystals for you to use as they bring relief from pain, boost the immune system, aid stress and arthritis.

African Turquoise will also protect you from negative energy. African Turquoise is transformational stone known as the "Stone of Evolution". Aside from bringing a sparkle to your spirit, this stone brings forth encouragement for growth, development, and positive changes within life itself. African Turquoise helps create structure, balance, and prosperity. This powerful stone awakens the soul to see new possibilities. It provides stability and emotional balance when making changes, eases mood swings, and relieves anger and depressed feelings.

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Black Tourmaline

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Let Black Tourmaline and African Turquoise raise your vibes.


Words by Tina Macaraeg 

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