To Our Guardian Angel: Happy Father's Day!

Our guardian angel stays with us 24/7. They’re like a convenience store, they give you time and make everything convenient. Walking on pedestrian crossings, travelling by car or plane, eating outside or at home, meeting new people, and exploring the world’s food and other items. We are just safe all the time because they are our protectors.

Luckily, we have one on our side.

He might be an angel without wings, but he doesn’t need a pair to protect us.

His presence alone shields us from bullies in grade school, cheating boyfriends in high school, vindictive colleagues in the university, and emotional abusers in the workplace.

He doesn’t need to fly to know where we are. He has an internal GPS and a very handy question in mind: “If I were my daughter, where would I go?”

He doesn’t even need supernatural powers to know what we feel. He has his own powers: the power of looking you in the eye, a voice tension detector, and another handy question: “If I were my daughter, what would I do?”

These powers also give him the skill to filter the people that surround us into two groups: the good influencers and bad influencers.

Like an angel, he veers us away from the bad influencers. When he senses that we can make our own decisions, he watches like a hawk. He is there to guide us when we don’t know which way to go, and to protect us whenever harm is in the way. He knows that experience is the best kind of schooling we can receive, but he cares enough to know that they should still be there for us.

He carried us in his arms when we were young, held our hands when we were learning how to walk, and trusted us to be independent as we grew up.

He supported us in our dreams, even funded them as we went through our education, hobbies, social life, and relationships.

He wanted us to dream big because he knows we have so much potential.

He is the warm light of protection that makes us feel safe, and teaches us to be strong on our own.

To Our Very Own Guardian Angel, Happy Father’s Day!

We know that you have been carrying a world of responsibilities. Today, let us share the weight of the world with you.

Let us watch your favorite game.

Let us play your favorite sport.

Let us drive for vacations.

Let us buy your favorite collections.

And let us introduce you to the world of healing stones. We may not be physically strong to protect you, but we know that the powers of the universe can. It’s like an addition to your limitless superpowers!

For you dad, Jasper and Agate will surely help.

Jasper is known to be a stone of strength. It boosts your amount of chi to bring you progressive energy and constant restoration of stamina. As it possesses the Earth’s energies, it is a good grounding stone for understanding frustrations or painful experiences. This stone nourishes your self-discipline and perseverance, releasing nightmares or harmful thoughts, and addictions or obsessions. This stone also soothes the nerves, calming anyone in very stressful situations and boosting balance, courage, and determination.

Ever had that amazing dream but woke up forgetting about it? You will definitely remember that now because of Jasper. Jasper enhances dream recall assists you safely in astral travels.

Jasper will not only heal you physically and emotionally, but also spiritually, and will support your recuperation during injuries or prolonged illnesses!

Aside from Jasper, there is another stone of strength that will conserve your energy and enhance your longevity: Agate. Agate will give you courage during your moments of fear, and provide emotional strength and self-confidence when you most need it. This stone also improves concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. Sound decisions will surely be made with the presence of this stone.

Agate is also known for dispelling emotional disharmony, making you more accepting of love and truth. This stone heals the anger of the one who carries it, assisting in the healing of any trauma. For the body, this stone stimulates the digestive system, relieves gastritis, benefits the eyes and hollow organs such as the stomach, and intestines. Agate is also helpful for the heart and blood vessels, and boosts the healing of skin disorders. This stone is a very protective stone. All you have to do is carry it around in your pocket, or wear it as an accessory.

Luckily, Ananta Stones has these accessories! To strengthen your inner guardian angel, try Jasper and Agate in Ananta Stone’s Healing Evergreen Jasper Wrap Bracelet and Healing Black Agate Leather Wrap Bracelet.

Even our strongest guardian angel gets tired.

Let’s carry the world with them.




Words by Tina Macaraeg

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