Masking Your Emotions—Is It Strength or Weakness?

You can’t control your emotions.

You think you can, but nothing can stop you from feeling happy or disappointed by a certain thing. Your choices also greatly depend on your emotions, whether you are aware of it or not.

You choose your friends according to the happiness you feel when you are around them. You leave a job if it makes you feel lonely and exhausted all the time. You buy what makes you happy. You avoid people who frighten you. You skip the video if it doesn’t entertain you.

Much of your life is spent on your feelings and deciding based on your feelings. You are probably just not aware of it.

These feelings also often do not please everybody, that’s why you mask it.

Here’s the question: is masking your emotions a form of strength or weakness?

Masking your emotions can be your strength.

Some people will go through great lengths at deceiving others. They will observe your habits and how you make your decisions so they can control what they will tell you and make you fall into the trap of agreeing with what they have originally planned.

To avoid people like these, you just have to be great at masking your emotions. Feel what you feel in your heart, but do not let it reach your eyes so it cannot be read. Think about what you felt, why you felt it, and construct a better sentence  for what you have to say that will be nice enough for the other person to concede with what you have to say.

This can be tiring, though. This is literally building walls around you so that you will be safe and no one will be able to penetrate through your soul. Is this really a good thing, though?

Are personal walls strong because they protect you, or weak because they isolate you?

We are humans. We live to interact with other humans, animals, and nature. We live to know other people, and for them to know us, to share this world with each other. We live to gain wisdom from everything around us and for us to share the same.

If you become so good at masking your emotions, no one will be able to read you. Therefore, no one will be able to instill emotions for you. No one can make you happy because they do not know how to make you happy. They do not know the many layers of you, the part of you that loves music, or the part of you that loves cats. The walls you built block them from reaching out to you when you have a problem.

So can masking your emotions be your weakness?


You are weak for not letting other people discover your many gifts and talents. You are weak for not having the courage to admit that you are afraid of ghosts. You are weak for not being honest with yourself just to compromise for other people. You are weak for not admitting what you truly feel and let people who won’t accept your flaws stay in your life. You are weak for always trying to please other people instead of pleasing yourself.

Which side do you choose? The side of the manipulative with tons of walls, or the side of the honest with all flaws exposed?

To help you decide, you may seek guidance from Opal and Amethyst.

Opal is a crystal that roots fidelity in relationships. The stone brings emotional freedom, happiness, and confidence. It also resurfaces buried emotions such as passion and love. Wearing opal can also promote personal power as well as peace and luck.

On the metaphysical side, working with this stone lands protective qualities that enables us to resolve karma and enhance visionary and shamanic magic work. Opal is magnifying, awakening, renewing, nurturing, purifying, calming, cleansing, and relieving.

Amethyst, on the other hand, is known for its ability to stimulate the amygdala, which allows you to open and expand your third eye. This is beneficial in helping you see your true purpose in life, and listen to your own source of wisdom. Amethyst will surely raise your psychic abilities.

Furthermore, the stone purifies the mind. Amethyst will bring calmness and clarity, which will help relieve your anger and make you remain calm during turbulent situations. It is a powerful stone that will reduce your anxiety.

Try healing with Opal and Amethyst through Ananta Stone’s Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring and Healing Natural Amethyst Wrap Bracelet for Protection.

Masking your emotions can be your strength and your weakness. Accept your feelings as they are: REACTIONS. Never let your emotions get in the way of seeing things as they truly are.





Words by Tina Macaraeg

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