Keeping Up with Your Child and Your Chi—How Can Chi Help Me with Motherhood?

Your child is a bundle of energy. No kidding.

Sometimes, your kid is very dispersed—all over the place, LITERALLY.

Sometimes, your kid is contained. Behaved. Stored inside the fort, or the playhouse. Changing. Transforming into a princess, warrior, knight, or queen. Sometimes your kid also recruits other bundles of energy to come join inside the fort or playhouse to fight unknown bundles of energy or have tea with them.

Sometimes, you can control your child. Most of the time, your child overwhelms you.

As a mother, you deal with all of this in the moment. You’re pretty used to improvising, but guess what? You can actually have another method for you to use in order to keep up with your child a.k.a. the bundle of energy: MANAGING YOUR CHI.

Chi is the energy responsible for giving life to your body. If we have blood running through our veins, chi is the one that makes it flow. It is vital in some Eastern medicinal practices like acupuncture, and exercise like yoga, or self-defense and martial arts like Tai Chi and a lot more. The concept of chi is applied in Taoism and Hinduism. For the Hindus, it is called Prana.

Your personal chi has 4 types namely, prenatal chi, nutritional chi, defensive chi, and pectoral chi.


Prenatal chi is the energy you received from your parents when you were born. It is often called your primary chi and it initially moves around your kidneys. When your organs begin to function independently, the prenatal chi starts to travel into your whole body.

This chi also determines whether you are healthy or not. At first, you depend on it to grow. Eventually, you rely on it to survive. Since we have our life spans, this means that prenatal chi is finite and gets consumed as we regress.


Nutritional chi is an acquired chi. It enters your body after you are born. After birth, you nourish this chi with the food, water, and air you consume. This is produced by the spleen and stomach which circulates in the blood vessels. Its job is to produce blood and provide nourishment for your body. If you increase the amount of this chi in deficient parts, your blood will follow, bringing nutrients and a fresh supply of oxygen to your damaged tissues. Hence, the quality of what you consume has a direct effect on the quality of your nutritional chi. To be healthy, you must nourish your body with quality.


Defensive chi is also nourished by what you eat but it instead, it is responsible for the surface of the body. This chi protects your first line of defense against diseases. It makes sure your pores are healthy, maintaining moisture to skin tissues, hair, and also regulates body temperature.


From the word pectoral, this chi is focused on the internal organs within the bounds of your chest. The air you breathe is its lifeline, and it is responsible for controlling your respiratory and cardiovascular system. With control in these systems, your chi will be more regulated, causing your body to move your limbs and trunk better. You will also have a stronger stamina. Natural air chi strengthens your core and your ability to be more vocal about your thoughts. If you feel that you lack in stamina and social skills, your pectoral chi must be deficient. Breathing control might help to strengthen your pectoral chi.


Simple. You breathe. Every time your child a.k.a. bundle of energy keeps rolling all over the place and won’t behave, pause. Take a deep breath, take in all the natural air you can summon, and nourish your chi. This way, you can get enough stamina to match your child.

If you feel that you are not getting enough air, meditation and yoga can be the answer to your problem. This will strengthen the muscles of your lungs and heart, making them capable of taking more air, and circulating more blood.

To be more effective in breathing, meditating, and yoga, geode, and lapis lazuli can help you.

Geodes are formed in sedimentary rock. Essentially, geodes are sparkly crystals. Geodes could also be found in different types of gemstone. According to ancient folklore traditions, geodes are considered objects of great healing power.

The stone provides clarity of thought making them good meditation tools. It helps you to be more clear in your mind, letting go of those thoughts that can get in the way of meditation. In fact, geodes enhance your meditation which allows you to get deeper insight in the form of different pieces of information, or flashes that come through you that can help you in your life.

For better communication with your child, Lapis Lazuli will help you speak like a queen.

Lapis Lazuli also known as the stone of the gods, kings, and queens. It is the stone of rulers, leaders, priests, and power because it enhances wisdom, truth, good judgement, knowledge, and memory. It also aids in communication that’s why it is often used as an aid for communication. With better communication, lapis lazuli brings harmony in relationships. It also enhances blood circulation and improves cardiac rhythm. If you are suffering from menstrual irregularities, this is also the stone for you.

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Motherhood is a lifetime task. Nourish your life source and make every second count.



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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