5 Ways Managing Your Home Made You Better at Work

5 Ways Managing Your Home Made You Better at Work

As a woman, we are unfortunately given the double standard of managing the household while maintaining a career. 

Although gender roles are becoming more accepting in this day and age, most of us are still trapped within the bounds of this “feminine” responsibility. Embrace it or not, the management skills are surprisingly useful at work. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You are well trained in creating the most ideal schedule

What time will I wake up for cooking breakfast?
What time will we eat breakfast?
What time will we all leave for classes and work?
What time will I clean the house?
What time will I tell my husband or kids to wash the dishes?

All of these questions, answered with the perfect estimate of duration of time. Your boss will see you as more effective in your job if you know how to manage your time.


2. Making checklists will be level 1 for you

 Your husband probably won't remember that you had run out of soap, shampoo, or diapers. If they do, though, you’ve got yourself a gem. Most of the time, it’s just you. What is more remarkable about this is that we don’t even have to make a physical list. It’s just wired into our brains. Our boss could use a physical one to make sure every task is completed. The team will be thankful for you!


3. You are better at identifying problems and creating solutions for them

Whether it’s the clog in the kitchen sink or the headache of your kid, you know what questions to ask and what items to use for the problem. If we really can’t dig into our minds for an answer, we have the internet.


4. Your attention to detail will become your superpower

Your sixth sense knows it too well if there’s grease left when your kid or your husband washed the dishes… You also know it when a house decor is missing. Your kid or husband probably hid or threw it away for you to not get mad but you do know it’s missing… Use this supernatural skill to tell your boss when something is overlooked or forgotten in a project. The suggestions will be points for promotion.


5. You are the most effective and efficient mentor

You want your kids to be like you, admit it or not, so you teach them. Children ask very basic questions, yet they are the most difficult ones to answer. E.g. Why do we need to have house rules? Why can’t I see when the refrigerator turn off its light? Why can’t I just eat junk food?

If you know how to explain the phenomena to a child, then you can make anyone older than a child understand how phenomena works. This will be useful with your colleagues and workmates for projects. The job gets done faster if everyone understands each other. All your knowledge will also be put to waste if you don’t pass it on.

Remember, if a good mother is an effective mentor, so is a good and effective boss. Seems like the future is looking bright. Go and get that promotion, girl!

See? Managing the house doesn’t have to feel so tedious if you get so much out of it. It all lies on changing your perspective into a more positive one to fit your lifestyle. I had a hard time trying to convince myself of all of these but I had black onyx to help me.

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The stone also increases confidence because it alleviates worry, tension, nervousness, confusion, and nightmares. For physical health, it assists in the treatment of bone marrow diseases, teeth, foot, blood, and soft tissue disorder. It also aids in the treatment of epilepsy, glaucoma, and renews damaged cells.

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Just change your perspective. Managing your home doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be an exercise for you to become better in your career. As long as you look at the bright side, everything you do will feel lighter in your heart.


Words by Tina Macaraeg

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