How I Achieved Work-Life Balance Using Healing Stones in Just 3 Ways

Are you struggling to get a work-life balance?

Work-life balance is when you have time for work, and still get to spend time for other activities that accomplishes your life goals like family and social life, fitness, education, and hobbies.

With the advancement in technology these days, it’s pretty hard to completely disconnect from work, especially if everything pops up in your phone. Admit it, you refuse to disconnect it because what if something really important pops up?

I often react too much in these situations, but what we really need to do is calm down and think first.

Here are the 3 common problems why we can’t achieve work-life balance and how healing stones has helped me deal with them.

You panic

Like I said, I often react too much. When you panic, you waste time thinking about irrelevant things instead of doing something productive. You end up thinking about the possible consequences before you even actually try doing what you have to do. Sometimes, the load just overwhelms you and the reaction takes around 20 minutes before you actually undergo the fight or flight mechanism. If your instinct chooses flight, though, it will take you more than 20 minutes before you can even finish your task.

Once, my instinct chose flight and I discovered an art mart near our place. They sold lots of healing stones. I acquired a Howlite stone and tried it out because fixing my mindset was just not working anymore. There are so many distractions—so much noise in mind when I try to just breathe. I end up not being able to think at all. While grasping on the stone after buying it, surprisingly, the noise disappeared. There were momentary thoughts, but the stone surely helped me not think about anything else. I don’t know if it’s magic, but I guess it’s the vibrations of the energy coming from the stone. It was amazing.


The panic is a domino effect. It opens up so many topics and discussions in your mind that may or may not be useful in your goals. Useful or not, filtering through the value of all those thoughts might take you all day. So after that Howlite experience, I was convinced enough to look through the internet on what stone might help me clear my mind, think objectively, and prioritize. Disorganization mainly comes from not being able to discern what you prioritize so all your activities get mixed. From all the suggestions, I liked Labradorite stone the most, and tried to buy it from the art mart.

After calming down with my Howlite stone, I tried Labradorite that was said to help me think objectively. When science doesn’t work, you have no other choice other than the supernatural, I guess. What happened after startled me. Not only was I able to fix my calendar for the week, but I also had a clearer vision on how to achieve my goal and voila! My job was done early and I get to have time for myself, my family, friends, and fur babies!


Living in the past

Have you ever experienced being around your friends and suddenly feeling sad after laughing so hard with them? I often experience this and I began asking myself, why? I am surrounded by my support group, but why do I feel this sadness? Are they not enough for me? Clearly they are. They are my treasured friends.

Then I realized that they are my treasured friends, and I feel that I am so broken that I do not deserve them.

This is a symptom of living in the past, my friends.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower has said it right.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

If you hold on to the past events of your life, especially the bad ones, all you will see about yourself is no self-worth at all. This will then translate with how you accept your friends’ attention. In fact, not just your friends but everyone around you.

Now, I know this can be really hard to deal with because just thinking about it on your own is hard. Mindset is the hardest thing to manipulate. Since healing stones were recently working for me, I looked for a stone that can soothe my nerves and make me accept my painful past and stop blaming myself for everything. I googled again and found out that Jasper does this. I went back to the art mart and bought the stone. This time, I carried it with me when I hung out with my friends and for some reason, I felt so light. I felt so much energy interacting with them and I was not repelling it. I really felt that for the first time, I was being more present in every moment of my life. I was finally making every second count and I think, my friends can also feel it. They seem to appreciate me more now. They open up to me more than they did before, and that’s the best part about friendship—being able to share your experiences and being accepted for who you are.

Struggles are there to give you pressure but don’t fall into the sinkhole. Whether it’s believing in science and what your mind can do, or holding on to objects like healing stones, do what works for you. Remember that you can always do something about your problems. Like what I did, you can check Ananta Stones’ accessories.

For panic, their Healing Howlite Stone Earrings can help you. They also have a combination of Labradorite and Jasper in their Healing White Labradorite Wrap. This bracelet will surely guide your disorganized thoughts, and supply you with energy and happiness to make you live more in the present.


Make a balance with working and living. Work-life balance is all about knowing what your heart wants to matter, and treasuring those that matter.


Words by Tina Macaraeg

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