Why Simplicity Is The Best Version of You

Everyone likes extravagance.

Designer clothes, perfume, sports cars.

You work so hard just to be able to buy these things but think about it, doesn’t extravagance come from EXTRA?

We busy ourselves with putting more when in reality, it’s just too much!

Do you know what matters the most?

Being you just for being you.

No extra effort of trying to be someone else, because it’s not that someone else whom your family and friends loved.

Being you for your God-given gifts.

Being you for your unique superpowers.

Being you, as simple as that.

Happy Simplicity Day! Today, you will rid yourself of all the complications of life and just live simply. You will let life flow the way it wants to move and let your worries be carried by the universe.

To commemorate this day, let your mind’s thoughts be as simple as it can be with Ananta Stones’ 12 Constellations Lucky Bracelet, Healing Quartz Bracelet, Natural Opal Beads Crystal and Stainless Steel Women's Bracelet, and Nature's Gift Healing Beads Bracelet (Smoky Agate).

The 12 Constellations Lucky Bracelet will veer you away from negative vibes. It’s simple craftsmanship will ground your energy and connect you with your true inner nature. Get your balance and stability with this bracelet.

To protect yourself from betrayal and disappointment, try the Healing Quartz Bracelet. Quartz is known as an all-around healer. It amplifies the energy of other crystals, and will absorb, store, and regulate your own energy to sustain your well-being. Good for clearing energy blocks, Quartz will help you improve your concentration so you can focus on your priorities. With a clear and focused mind, this stone will make decision making simple for you.

For effortless prosperity, try the Natural Opal Beads Crystal and Stainless Steel Women’s Bracelet. Opal is known to bring abundance to anyone who wears it. Your finance will never be at a low point with this stone. It will also bring more love, beauty, and good luck. 

Are you going through a very difficult moment in your life? Try the Nature’s Gift Healing Beads Bracelet. The Smoky Agate crystal will ground and protect you for inner peace in times of grief and sadness. It promotes strength to cope with the negative situations and brings hope that there will be peace after the storm.

“Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated.”

– Confucius

Live simply. Less is more.



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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