Do I Worry Too Much? Here are 3 Ways to Help You Calm Down Your Anxiety

No one wants anxiety. It makes you feel miserable and helpless. It ages you. Don’t worry.

You can defeat it. The source is simple: you worry too much.

Here are 3 easy ways to help you calm down instantly:

1. Breathe

Take slow breaths. Close your eyes. Breathe in for 1, 2, 3, and breathe out for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Repeat this until your head feels lighter. Now that your head feels lighter, you can

2. Speak out affirmations

Worries come from fear and you only fear the things that can possibly harm you or situations that you don’t want to happen. Make at least three, but you can prepare more than that. Have this memorized so that your being can internalize it more. Here are examples of affirmations:

I am strong.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am not my past mistakes.

I am a better person each day.

Don’t be afraid to create your own. Make sure they are positive. You know the belief that if you keep saying something out loud, you’ll believe it and it will come true? Well, it really is true. This is based from The Law of Attraction. Go on and speak out those affirmations!

No one wants anxiety. You can defeat it.

The source is simple: you worry too much.

3. Don’t care too much about what other people say about you

What other people tell about you won’t define you. You are the only one who can define or decide who you are. You are in control of your life. Live how you would like to live your life. Be more free with the choices you make. Life is too short to be enclosed in a cage. You are given this life to express it. Express it however you want to.

Aside from these, you can let the powers of nature help flush out the negative energy by using healing stones such as Amazonite and Imperial Jasper.

Amazonite is an anti-anxiety stone. It clears the remaining negative energy in you from your past trauma, releases toxic emotions, and balances the energy in your heart chakra. When manifesting, use this healing stone as it magnifies intentions and affirmations that will help you become a better and healthier person. Amazonite’s healing properties also move beyond fear and confrontation or judgment. It will give you wisdom to recognize compassion allowing only the truth to prevail in your relationship with other and especially yourself. Carry this stone if you want to be back on your spiritual journey, regain courage and self-esteem, and attract healthier opportunities.

Imperial Jasper, on the other hand, will help you relax. It will release the emotional and physical tension in your body, and make sure you are doing the right practices for spiritual growth. It will sustain and support your soul in times of stress and provide you with tranquility. Imperial Jasper will dispel your fears and make you more determined and decided with all areas of your life from business, to health, and love. This stone will stimulate your creativity and make sure you transform your ideas into action. Providing you with rationality, Imperial Jasper will make your business more organized and accomplished. For health, it will make you more disciplined with your health practices. For love, it will make you more understanding and considerate of what you really need and deserve. This stone also regulates your energy in your heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakra. Carry this stone if you want to make everything seem easy for you. A mind at ease is a relaxed spirit within.

To try the power of Amazonite and Imperial Jasper for your anxiety, get Ananta Stones’ Calming Amazonite Bracelet and Calming Imperial Jasper Wrap Bracelet.

The way you speak to yourself matters. Love yourself. You are beautiful.




Words by Tina Macaraeg

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