Why Is Your Cat A Psychic?

Ever had that moment when your cat suddenly meows at you and minutes later an earthquake is happening? Well, it certainly happened to some families.

Cats have saved numerous lives because of their psychic abilities, and although science doesn’t have enough research for this (because cats are smart enough not to cooperate with controlled researchers), we do believe that they are the bosses of the household.

Your cat won’t do things for you. You can’t tell your cat to go fetch. In fact, you’ll fetch for your cat. They are used to being in command. But even though they act like the boss of you, they care for you so much as they have the ability to sense when people are about to die.

In an anecdote by Jean in Express, her cat Topsy began acting weird when she was about to go to bed. Before she was able to lie down, Topsy blocked her way. Jean found it difficult to sleep with Topsy’s jumping so she got up and suddenly she felt sweaty and dizzy. Just then she remembered  that she forgot to check her blood sugar. Jean was a diabetic and if she didn’t check her blood sugar and went straight to sleep, she would have passed out. Her blood sugar was really low then.

In one household, Monica’s mother was always had dinner prepared for her which she found weird because she never went home at the same time. “My job wasn’t nine to five, so how did she know what time I was going to be back? Because about 15 to 20 minutes before I got home my cat would sit by the door and start crying. I’m serious. This happened every single time,” says Monica.

Cats have saved numerous lives because of their psychic abilities.

From Azabu University in Japan, Professor Mitsuaki Ota has concluded that some cats can predict earthquakes with a seismic rating of 6.0 or above. In one of the letters sent to them, Kitten woke up Miranda’s four-year-old daughter, Amy, by jumping on the bed and racing around the room. When Amy finally woke up, Kitten went to her bed and began biting the child’s hair. According to Miranda, Kitten did everything she could to make Amy go to her parents and when they were about to go back to bed, the ground started shaking. The house became a wreck. The ceiling cracked and the pool broke. If Kitten hadn’t woken up their family, they wouldn’t have survived the earthquake.

Cats indeed are very psychic! How lucky we are to have them by our side.

Happy International Cat Day, everyone!

Even though it’s always their day, let’s make this day extra special for them. Get their favorite food, favorite scratch, massage, and coziest blankets.

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Happy International Cat Day!


“A meow massages the heart.” – Stuart McMillan



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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