What is the Color of Your Aura?

Want to know the color of your aura?

Answer these 10 questions honestly to find out! Choose only one answer per question and choose the one closest to your heart. There are no wrong or right answers.

What is the Color of Your Aura?

Want to know the color of your aura?

Answer these 10 questions honestly to find out! Choose only one answer per question and choose the one closest to your heart. There are no wrong or right answers.

    A. Pray for your best friend
    B. Ask about the problem
    C. Invite your best friend to go somewhere fun
    D. Invite your best friend to talk in a garden over wine
    E. Study your best friend’s problem and give out solution A,
         solution B, so on and so forth
    F. Invite your best friend to meditate in your garden
    G. Invite your best friend to talk it over while looking at the
         starry night sky
    H. Embrace your best friend
    I. You cry and share about your problem instead
    J. You visualize cleansing your best friend’s woes with a bright light,
        like meditating


        A. Look at everything and remove what is not useful to you
        B. Keep what you need and what is fun, and decorate them in the
             most creative way
        C. Arrange them according to categories
        D. Remove what has no memory of love
        E. You hold every object and ask yourself if the object sparks joy.
            If it does you keep it. If it doesn’t you throw or give it away
        F. Make sure nothing causes accidents, and there are areas
            for plants
        G. Visualize how you want it to look like. You also keep areas
             with paintings.
        H. Clean the area of your healing stones, the area for prayer,
             and meditation
        I. See how horrible it is and end up messing it more
        J. Remove everything and then place the only items you truly
           know about

        A. Looking at the sky
        B. An impulsive vacation
        C. Camping
        D. A wine night with friends
        E. Catching up with family and friends
        F. Gardening
        G. Painting or photography
        H. Walking in nature
        I. Overthinking and trying to relive the past
        J. Learning something new

            A. Praying
            B. Laughing with friends
            C. Exercise
            D. Going to the spa
            E. Confiding in your friends
            F. Tending your garden
            G. A trip to an art gallery or stargazing
            H. Looking at angel figurines
            I.Exploring the past and what ifs
            J. Closing your eyes and enjoying the quiet

            A. High places. A mountain, or a rooftop
            B. A tarot card reader
            C. A mountain to hike
            D. The vineyard or wine cellar
            E. A café
            F. A garden show, a forest reserve, or just your own garden
            G. Your roof deck or front porch and paint or stargaze at night
            H. Church
            I. Your ex’s place
            J. A prayer meeting

            A. Sightseeing and thanking God for His creations
            B. Reading other people’s minds
            C. Eating good and nutritious food
            D. Doing skincare
            E. Asking yourself, “how are you?” to get some “me” time
            F. Reading more about gardening or just looking at the beauty
                of your plants
            G. Daydreaming
            H. Listening to music
            I. Lamenting on past conversations you wanted to change
            J. Breathing and feeling the air replenish your body

            A. How blessed they are
            B. What their eyes say
            C. Their body built and from there observe how healthy they are
            D. Their upbringing
            E. The way they talk—what they’re confident of saying, and careful
                 of revealing
            F. Their disposition, possible sources of happiness and possible
            G. The way they dress and how they carry themselves
            H. How wealthy they are in spirit
            I. Their imperfections
            J. If they have a light inside of them

            A. Ask God for answers
            B. Do the first thing you can think of
            C. Run (to get runner’s high and clarity)
            D. Look and the mirror and ask yourself questions
            E. Have a conversation with your family and friends
            F. Take a breather in your garden and contemplate
            G. Daydream about how you can solve the problem or imagine
                 happy scenarios
            H. Close your eyes and feel the energy of your environment
            I. Isolate yourself
            J. Take spiritual travels

            A. Nothing
            B. Mood killers and lack of creativity
            C. A messy house and working environment
            D. Cheap things
            E. Secrets, but respect them anyway
            F. Plant pests
            G. Not being able to imagine anything or not making other people
                 imagine what you can see
            H. Not being able to share your wealth with others
            I. Content people
            J. Seeing sad people

            A. Everything positive in this world
            B. Creativity, goal-setting, and just having fun
            C. Challenges, perfectly symmetrical spaces, healthy food, and
                 physical activities like sports, dancing, and yoga
            D. Expressing your wants and needs, encouraging others to have
                 their own passions, and finer things in life
            E. Listening to others and helping them heal through talk therapy
            F. Plants and learning about their limitless benefits for health
            G. Art and the beauty of the universe
            H. Sharing your wealth with others
            I. Regrets and plotting vengeance
            J. Anything white, and the comfort of daylight

              If you answered….

              Mostly A’s

              You have a Rainbow Aura

              People with rainbow auras are healers and creatives. They are believed to be highly evolved spiritually and is very attuned to the spiritual frequency of the 5th dimension: heaven. These people are also believed to be new souls on Earth. Rainbow auras are also bright and shiny all the time.

              Mostly B’s

              You have a Yellow Aura

              The yellow aura is an indication of spiritual awakening. People with yellow aura are playful and will act on their thoughts. They are goal-oriented and hopeful for the future. They are also people with a talent for psychic abilities.

              Mostly C’s

              You have an Orange Aura

              Possessing an orange aura indicates confidence. People who have orange auras are healthy, living life to the fullest, perfectionists, and loves challenges. You have very good attention to detail and your stamina can beat anyone.

              Mostly D’s

              You have a Red Aura

              This aura color is one of the most powerful in aura energies. People with a red aura are full of passion, strong will, and reaction to surroundings. It can be positive or negative. It can mean that you are grounded, self-sufficient, and competitive, but it can also mean that you have a deep-seated anger.  It can also mean that you are immature, but it can also mean that you are a loving person with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

              Mostly E’s

              You have a Blue Aura

              People with blue auras are highly intuitive and helpful. With your calm disposition, others rely on you for wise advice and emotional support. You are generous and always open to other perspectives in life. People with blue auras also excel in all fields of communication.

              Mostly F’s

              You have a Green Aura

              The green aura belongs to people with a deep connection with nature and healing. This aura is usually possessed by healers, teachers, and social workers. You tend to focus on helping others, with or without herbs, and help them realize their inner truths. This aura represents love, healing, and innocence.

              Mostly G’s

              You have a Purple Aura

              A purple aura represents vision. Your imagination is at the highest level to the point that people listen and agree with your vision. You can daydream and change the world. You are wise and very good at spreading spiritual love.

              Mostly H’s

              You have a Silver and Gold Aura

              The silver and gold auras represents abundance.  This are very spiritual vibrations that indicate your physical and spiritual wealth. This also means that you have angels or divine entities protecting and mentoring you.

              Mostly I’s

              You have a Black Aura

              Black auras are dangerous. It means that you have grudges and you are unwilling to give up these negative feelings. It can also mean that you are sick. A few regions in your body might be affected by disease if some parts of your body emit a black aura. All in all, you don’t trust anyone, you are afraid to let go, and you are afraid to share your life with others.

              Mostly J’s

              You have a White Aura

              White auras represent purity. People who emit this aura are highly spiritual and have often transcended their physical forms, preparing to ascend. White auras are also found in angelic beings and new souls with their first lifetime.

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              “Let your aura present itself to the world, for your presence will be that significant.” – Anziey Tshivhase

              Words by Tina Macaraeg

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