What Does Your Choice Of Crystal Say About You?

What Does Your Choice Of Crystal Say About You?

What does your choice of crystal tell about you? Take this test to find out!

Choose a stone from the picture.



Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

If you chose…


You got Amethyst!

You desire to discover your true life’s purpose. You have never been sure of it. You wish to dream about it to get an answer. Deep inside, you know that you can do this. An Amethyst attracted you to heal you of all of these.


You got Clear Quartz!

You are quite shy. You’re not sure how to socialize when you’re in a party. You often feel that you don’t affect people in a positive way that much. Don’t fret, Clear Quartz attracted you to heal you from social awkwardness. I’m sure you amplify the energy of your family and friends. You just have amplify your first with Clear Quartz.


You got Turquoise!

You are a “go with the flow” type of person. You often find yourself hard to control because of this because you are all over the place. Turquoise attracted you because it can give you more control over you decisions and emotions. You just need a balance. You can do it. You are, after all, a creative problem solver.


You got Lapis Lazuli!

You wish to be insightful. You probably already are, you’re just unsure how to analyze your gut-feelings. Fret not. You don’t need to analyze gut feelings at all! Your gut feeling is often accurate and your friends and family always turn to you for advice. Have more courage with Lapis Lazuli.


You got Tiger Eye!

You crave mental clarity. Your mind has been messy lately. You are also a magnet for wealth and good luck. Cultivate these with Tiger Eye. Let this stone enhance your brimming intelligence. You got this.


You got Black Onyx!

You have fears. Guess what? Everybody does! Black Onyx will help you look at your insecurities that way. You must probably have that negative energy within you. This stone will clear it up and regulate it, so you never run out of energy.


You got Labradorite!

You have that inner magic that you have not released yet. It wants to come out, that’s why Labradorite has attracted you. There must be negative energy blocking this power from being released. Unlock your true powers with Labradorite.


You got Topaz!

You have the talent an skills, but why no confidence? Topaz wants you to become confident again. Muster the motivation and courage you need with this stone. You might get lucky and get in tune with your angels of truth and wisdom.


You got Rose Quartz!

You are lovable but hmm…. You don’t see it that way. Let Rose Quartz help you restore your trust in yourself and in others. Forgive yourself and others. You are not your past. You are beautiful and you deserve better. This stone is telling you to embrace your beauty and unleash it!


You got Opal!

You have that inner peace waiting to be released in this world. Remove your roadblocks with Opal. Don’t be afraid of freedom. Freedom is true happiness.


You got Garnet!

Have you been feeling a little off with your health lately? Because Garnet is a stone of health. Take a break from unhealthy food for a while. Boost good health and productivity with this stone.


You got Chalcedony!

Concentration is what you need. You have been all over the place. Focus on the important things in your life and you will be back on your journey towards enlightenment. Carry Chalcedony with you. It will sustain your energy.


You got Chrysocolla!

You are wise. You know exactly what to do, but you keep it all inside. Those around you need your wisdom. Shine it on them. Release it with Chrysocolla.


You got Regalite!

You seek stability. You hate fleeting relationships and endeavors. You want a solid pact with everyone around you telling you that they’re going to be with you through thick and thin. You crave loyalty like a regal. Regalite will surely boost stability in your life.


You got Agate!

You want to be strong. For some reason, everything that has been happening in your life is challenging your strength, emotionally and physically. Agate will help you with that. Embracing your weaknesses is still a form of strength.


You got Amazonite!

Are you wary of business competitions? You have been attracted by the stone that will protect you from unfair business practices. No need to fear. You can close that tablet or cellphone for a while. Amazonite will attract wealth and luck for you.


You got Aquamarine!

You have unlimited potential. This stone seeks to enlighten it. You also have an innate luck and courage. Express it for safer travels in pursuit of your goals.


You got Fluorite!

You’re craving for new information. Your goal to learn never stops. Flourite recognizes your I.Q. Nourish it with this stones’ energy and who knows what your limits are.


You got Howlite!

You are a tad bit frustrated. This stone can sense the anger within you. Forgive yourself and the others around you. Only in peace can you truly be happy. You are attracted by Howlite to heal that. Hold on to this stone for a calming effect.


You got Jasper!

You are scared of something. It must  have been in one of your dreams, but you couldn’t remember it. This stone attracted you it could help you remember your astral travels. Dreams are important. They make us become who we want to be. Stay happy, hopeful, and positive with Jasper!


You got Moonstone!

Have you just begun a journey? Maybe you should start a new one. You will be blessed with good fortune, love, and business matters. You will have sincere happiness, only if you are brave enough to begin. Get that sense of calm with Moonstone.


You got Obsidian!

You are powerful. Wow. It is typical of you to feel secure and brave because you have so much spiritual grounding. However, something is blocking it. You know the source of the problem and negative energy. Recognize it to solve it. Obsidian can help you.


You got Celestite!

You have been wondering what true happiness is, all your life. You know what makes you happy right then until now, but you question until when can you find happiness. Everybody fears that. It’s normal. Do not be. There is Celestite for you.


You got Jade!

There’s so much passion and tension in you. That’s good! It means you are productive. Don’t over exert yourself, however. Take some time to lighten up. You got Jade.


You got Malachite!

You often escape from your problems. That’s normal for some time. After all, you need to calm yourself before you can solve your problems. Or do you want to? Have some clarity with Malachite.


Whatever stone you've got, balance it with Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz paves the way for motivation, acceptance, and understanding. This will balance your feelings and insights on every challenge you are facing so you can win them all. This stone will also give you exuding confidence. Blue Topaz is also known for improving communication. Wear this stone for when you want to articulate your thoughts properly.

Blue Topaz also helps in meditation. It calms the mind from unnecessary chatter. You will retain what you truly feel and be able to express these as you are guided by the angel of truth and wisdom. Blue Topaz is also very useful for travelers, businessmen, and salesmen for protection against danger and homesickness. It is useful in removing bad omens, calming anger and healing poor vision. This stone’s vibration will guarantee the unity of your body, mind, and soul. 

To give the healing benefits of Blue Topaz a try, check out Ananta Stones’ Healing Silver Blue Topaz Wrap Bracelet.


Are you still surprised by your results? Remember, the lesson stops showing if the lesson is learned.


Live less out of habit, and more out of intent.

Words by Tina Macaraeg

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