Happy International Asteroid Day! How Can Asteroids Affect Your Behavior Today?

We all know about our zodiac signs and how the planets rule them, but what about the asteroids? Do they have anything to do with our behavior?

If planets are responsible for our nature of communication, action, and spirituality, asteroids are in charge of our behavior towards situations that involve passion, reflection, and attraction.

How can asteroids affect you?

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Eros influences the passionate area of your life. For example, Eros in Leo would mean that a Leo fantasizes their partners to desire them while Eros in a Cancer would mean they possibly yearns for an emotional connection with their partners. This can also take effect in hobbies or careers.


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Psyche is the asteroid that digs deeper into our innermost selves. The influence of this asteroid focuses on instinct, so we often don’t feel its influence in our decisions. Known for being the ruler of the soul and mind, this asteroid tells us how to think, feel, and process memories.
If you’re reflecting right now, Psyche is probably influencing you how you’re doing it right now.


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Ever heard of that voice that makes you doubt your actions? Yep, that’s Chiron. Chiron in mythology is known to be that wounded healer who cannot heal himself. This asteroid affects us in all challenges that we experience throughout our lives. Don’t think wrongly of this asteroid, though, because it makes us see and learn how to overcome challenges. Chiron makes us realize our deep-seated fears. If you listen wisely, your awareness of your fears might give you a solution.


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While we all know that Eros is more responsible for passionate encounters, Juno is more in charge of who you choose as your partner for life. This asteroid reflects how you display intimacy and what you would want to need from your significant other. Juno’s influence on you will be apparent when you talk with your partners about settling down and marriage.

To help you understand more about asteroids and their effect on your behavior, you may try seeking guidance from Jasper and Tiger Eye.

Jasper is powerful at soothing your nerves. With a calm state, you’ll be able to shoo away nightmares, harmful thoughts, or any negative disposition. It pacifies stress and sustains physical and emotional health during injuries or prolonged illnesses even in hospitalization. Known for possessing Earth’s energies, the stone brings progressive energy and restored stamina. It also grounds you into understanding frustrations or painful experiences which harbors self-discipline and perseverance. Hence, it is a great diet stone. The discipline it promotes also makes its helpful in quitting smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Ever had that amazing dream but you woke up forgetting about it? Fret not! Jasper also enhances dream recall, giving you safe astral travels. This stone is excellent at meditation and dreamwork. You will surely be connected to Earth’s collective spiritual knowledge that can direct you to enlightenment.

Tiger Eye, on the other hand, provides mental focus and confidence. Whenever you feel that the cosmic universe is taking over, hold on to this stone and you will regain your power of emotional and physical control. This stone also helps you overcome difficult challenges, helps you stick to your plans in spite of setbacks, and brings professional and financial success. Keep this stone near your workplace or business to attract wealth and positivity.

Tiger Eye also protects you during travels, making sure you are aware of the possible dangers. This stone also removes setbacks, and clears your mind of annoying thoughts and stress. It keeps you away from evil and protects your family and friends. Aside from these, Tiger Eye also encourages passion for life, enhances willpower, and boosts self-esteem. It will surely give you courage, determination and strength.

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Don’t be afraid of digging deeper into your

innermost feelings, thoughts, and tendencies. 

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget-Everything-And-Run,

or Face-Everything-And-Rise.’ The choice is yours.” – Zig Ziglar



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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