I Cleansed My Aura In 10 Easy Ways! Pro Tip: It's All About Positive Energy

Just like our skin, our aura gets dirty after sometime of getting exposed to negative energy from the environment, and people. Luckily, positive energy can clean up the bulk of negative energy you have.

According to Psychology Today, a person with positive energy is filled with enthusiasm, empathy, cheer, optimism, courtesy, generosity, and kindness. To sum it up, you feel good around a person possessing these qualities because you feel light and comfortable when someone is treating you nicely in the way that you most deserve. That’s why sad people are advised to go out and have fun with friends, or do something they enjoy, because those activities involve absorbing positive energy that can clean the negative pollution within you.

This is also why we feel awkward around people who are angry, vengeful, and mean. They are filled with negative energy, making them exude of that unpleasant aura you don’t want to get near with.

If you feel that you have been projecting an awful aura because of the negative energy that’s clogged within you, here are 10 easy ways you can do to start your cleansing from Inc. and Mindvalley:

Check-in with your inner feelings

Positive Vibes

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By simply asking yourself how you feel, you will be aware of where you stand on issues and situations. Respect your beliefs just as much as you respect others.

Use positive words more often


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Saying, “Please clean your area and be kind to mother nature,” instead of, “Don’t make a mess and stop being rude to mother nature,” can make a lot of difference. Using positive words emphasizes the brighter side of things. If we only emphasize what’s wrong all the time, that’s all we’ll ever think of. Your vocabulary describes you.

Improve your mood

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Saying the solution isn’t enough. Just knowing what to do, isn’t enough. You should also act upon it. Know more about yourself. What improves your mood? What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? What relaxes you? Invest on these activities and spend time improving yourself.

Love and accept yourself

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True love is accepting every bit of good and bad. Learn to accept every bit of good and bad in you, and it’ll be easier to do things with no regret. The lesser the regrets, the more space for positive vibes!

Let go of the past

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The past will always be a part of yourself, yes, but let go of the negative energy that comes with it. Really think about what makes you sad during those times and learn from them instead. Learning is positive. 

Don’t give away your power or happiness

Aura Cleansed

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Bad situations can steal your happiness. Don’t let any situation rob you permanently of becoming happy. Always see different perspectives and learn from humanity.

Don’t say yes when you mean no

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Having a positive vibe is not about appeasing with other people’s wants to make your social life fun. It also doesn’t mean pleasing you all the time. It all lies on honesty. If you are being honest with what you really want, then no one would have to be hurt for compromising to something that’s against their beliefs.

Be grateful

Positive Aura

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Appreciate everything you have and everything around you. You are blessed differently, just as how other people are blessed in a different way. Everyone is trying their best to brave each day and we should all be proud of ourselves. A little thank you for the courage will go a long way.

Take care of your body

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Eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. These activities will balance your hormones and make you feel a lot more happier. 

Treat others well

Aura Cleansing

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Share your good mood. After all, we may have gotten our bad mood from others. Let’s not spread disease and instead, spread the cure of positive vibes.

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Let your chakras raise your vibes!

“Energy flows where attention goes.”  - Carolyn Harrington




Words by Tina Macaraeg

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