3 Ways to Keep Positivity Alive in Your Life

3 Ways to Keep Positivity Alive in Your Life

3 Ways to Keep Positivity Alive in Your Life

They say the best thing you can wear is a smile. Here are some things you can do to put more flavor in your life and keep the positivity pumping!

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3 Ways to Keep Positivity Alive in Your Life

3 Ways to Keep Positivity Alive in Your Life

Plus 2 more tips to guarantee a smile on your face every day!

When you start to read this, odds are you have a straight face. I hope I’m not right. But if I am, give me a chance to change it and help you smile...

Let me start by saying that how we view things is powerful. Do you agree? It sets the tone of how you’ll be able to act-- and the attitude you’ll have when doing it. Aside from that, this mindset will shape your emotions, and with it, your behavior.

Due to that, it is important to have a positive outlook. This is helpful whenever you deal with anything in your life. I'm sure you don’t want to start your day with negativities flowing like the river in you. 

So to counter that, the best way is to let positivity flow. Here’s how.

3 ways to keep positivity in our life

Live a Positive Environment

Who you choose to spend your time with has a huge effect on how you deal with life. To stay positive, we must surround ourselves with people that will support and lift us up.

So you might ask… Who are these people?

It could be anyone as long as they support you, believe in you, and enjoy being with you. For most of us, these are family and friends. We know that through thick and thin, they’re always on our side. 

Remember that the number is not important. You may have a few and small circle friends, as long as they’re true, you’re good. They’ll provide you positivity, and of course, you must do the same for them.


Never Let Uncertain Fears Hold You Back From Doing What You Want

Erase your fears, especially the uncertain ones. Yes, it is completely natural to have it because we are humans after all. But remember, letting it stop you from going after your dreams is already a failure.

If you fear you are not good enough, skilled enough, or ready enough, IT’S OKAY. Don’t stop there. Instead, START THERE. 

Fear comes from not knowing, so let’s start knowing. Don’t let it hold you back. Yes, failure and rejection are still possible. But guess what? So is your success. So step outside your comfort zone and take a chance, okay?

Learn to Take Criticism in a Healthy Way

Along the way, you will hear words that are against you. Those can hold you back. Because at the end of the day, words hurt. Right? But then again, now that you know it, you can prepare for it.

Those words can destroy but with a positive mindset, they build you up. And that’s what you like. The key is learning how to handle criticism in a healthier way. 

Don’t take it personally and always keep an open mind.  After all, criticism is often the best way we learn about our weaknesses. Without it, we can’t improve.

So remember to always be grateful. Start your morning with reflection. Know that even hurtful things are worthy of your gratitude. 

And so, those are 3 things that will give you the positivity you need to face life. Now, because you're still here, here are two more tips that you can put in your back pocket. These are important too, okay?

  • Release expectations

Be very careful. There’s a thin line between having a positive mindset and having blind expectations. A positive outlook in life sure helps BUT it doesn’t mean expecting that everything will go your way. 

Part of having a positive mindset is releasing expectations. Along with it is accepting that there’ll be problems. When that time comes, remember other moments when things didn’t go to plan. Then, remind yourself how you still came out unscathed and even happy.

  • Use positive affirmations

Believe in yourself. It’s as simple as that, friend. Have faith in you and say these: (1) I am calm. (2) I am in charge of my life. (3) I accept myself.

Keep repeating these affirmations EVERY DAY. Do it in front of the mirror. Do it when in doubt. And of course, do it in your meditation. 

In your alone time, get lost in your breath and let these words loop in your head.

Try to practice all these things and see your new self. 

You’ll see her smile more, and glow more than ever. I hope you’ll take a chance on this, take a chance on you.


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Words by John Manalo

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