“We Don’t See Eye to Eye” –How to Have the Same Vision with Your Loved Ones

Have you met someone who thinks similarly as you?

If you have, then you are very lucky.

If you haven’t, I know the struggle.

I know how it feels like to always argue and fight for what you believe in. Although, this can really be a tiring process, you go through it anyway because who wouldn’t want to have an understanding with their loved ones? The argument either ends up in shouting or complete silence. You either choose to deal with the problem, or ignore it completely.

So how can you have the same vision with your loved ones?


I know it’s difficult. You don’t have to put it down completely. Just tone it down a little bit so you can see the bigger picture of what is happening. Why is the idea closed on your partner? What are his experiences that might cause roadblocks into welcoming your perspective? You have to understand where your partner is coming from so you can plan how to promote your idea better. Always put yourself in the shoes of your partner.


You can always fight for your point of view but too much arguments to prove your point can make your partner give you a blind eye. In fact, they might completely turn their backs on you. Why? It’s because of their pride. You might be thinking right now that, “Uhm, doesn’t that sound unfair? I toned down my pride for this!” Exactly. You need to make your partner feel that you toned down your pride so it can be reciprocated to you. Don’t fire your arguments like an armalite. Give 2 or 3 reasons for your point of view and how you strongly feel about it. Give your partner a moment to breathe because you will eventually….


You got that right. Experience is the best teacher. Whether it’s a sport or dish they just won’t try, let them know you would do the same thing for them.

“I would do the same for you…”

Or “I would try it out for you..”

If they don’t like the experience, they’ll at least witness how happy you are with your cause.

In the end, that’s what matters the most: making your partner happy.

Acceptance is a very difficult thing to do. That’s why people often don’t see eye to eye.

It is true that people don’t change, but we can choose to accept people’s flaws.

For the love of your life, acceptance of their flaws is the best love you can give.

Still having doubts on making these moves? Guide your relationship with Chalcedony and Topaz.

Chalcedony is known to be an all-around healer. It absorbs, stores, and regulates energy. The stone is excellent for clearing energy blocks. Hence, it is a good stone to carry if you want to improve your concentration so you can focus on your priorities in life. It also helps in filtering out distractions during meditation.

Chalcedony is also good for keeping physical energy. Like espresso, it is a good jolt  for creativity, intelligence, and communication. For these qualities, it is a good stone to keep when you are learning new languages or studying in general because it improves memory. For its benefits on the brain, it also connects your brain with your heart so you could develop inner peace and wiser decisions that are more anchored on who you truly are.

Chalcedony will surely allow you to accept your flaws, overcome challenges with your insecurities, and embrace their beauty and uniqueness.

If you want to be more confident in life, topaz can also guide you. It provides feelings of motivation, acceptance, understanding, and balance. This stunning stone embodies confidence as it radiates various colors. Wearing this stone will surely increase your opportunities in finding or nourishing love, good health, and overall luck.

The healing benefits of topaz will develop your confidence and self-expression. Through these, you can face any confrontation in your relationships with a good heart. It will push you into  expressing your suppressed thoughts and emotions freely. It is usually carried in special gatherings or romantic dates because it cultivates reliance, which makes you understand why you should trust or accept certain people around you in your environment.

To experience these effects in your life, try Ananta Stones’ Healing White Chalcedony and Mystic Fire Topaz Ring for Motivation and Romance.

Having the same vision with your loved ones doesn’t always happen, but there’s nothing wrong in trying. In relationships, you must learn how to make compromises and meet halfway.


If you truly accept your loved ones, you will accept everything that they are and become a part of their universe.



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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