Healing Natural Mixed Stones Love Bracelet

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Protection • Confidence • Courage

Healing Natural Mixed Stones Love Bracelet

Protection • Confidence • Courage
$35.99 $70.99
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Protect your heart with Jasper and Onyx...
Jasper is known for being a "nurturer's stone." This stone will give you the stability you need, and help you feel more confident on your own. If other people are pushing around choices for you, this stone will protect you, and inspire you to be brave in choosing yourself first. As a fire stone, Jasper will also protect you from nightmares and fears. Your anxiety will calmed by this stone, and you will finally boost your creativity at its finest.
Jasper will also soothe your nerves and motivate your heart. This stone will help you release your fears about love and relationships. You will finally have more compassion, and attract people to share their lives with you.
While falling in love, Onyx can protect you. Onyx will give you good protection if you live in an urban area, or if you are anywhere that is polluted or crowded. This stone transforms these negative sources of energy into positive energy, helping you cleansed and healed. Onyx will also protect you from gossip and betrayal. Holding Onyx at close distance will let you and the people around you become more open to communities and lets you live harmoniously with them.
You never know, your true love might just be living next door! Let Onyx set your positive energy so you can attract good vibes and welcome better people who will appreciate and cherish you for who you are.
Freely love knowing your heart is protected with Jasper and Onyx in our Healing Natural Mixed Stones Love Bracelet!
About the Item:

  • Handcrafted Product
  • Product Type: Wrap Bracelet 
  • Material: Jasper stone, Onyx, Leather Cord, Alloy
  • Size: ~19.7inches +3 closures for adjustment

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