Healing Self-love Bundle
Healing Self-love Bundle
Healing Self-love Bundle

Healing Self-love Bundle

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Express self love and heal with this Druzy Crystal Bracelet and Earrings bundle!

Druzy comes from South America. It forms from dews that get trapped inside rocks. It may look like an ordinary rock on the outside, but if cracked open, you will see its real beauty. This crystal is truly a symbol of inner strength, resilience and more importantly, self love! Find your true identity by using this stone... By knowing and loving yourself, you begin to experience healing.

Druzy is most known for its ability to give hope and optimism. If you are full of worries, carry or wear this stone to calm your fears and anxiety. This crystal also helps people with depression. Its brilliance will give you inspiration and creativity to help you see the good things instead of the bad.
Life can sometimes get pretty tiring, but Druzy has got our back. This stone can transform our thoughts into sources of positive energy, giving us a refreshing feeling of lightness and comfort. 

About the Item:

  • Handcrafted Product
  • Product Type: Bracelet and Earrings Bundle
  • Material: Druzy Crystal (*unique stones vary in size and form), Labradorite, Leather, Brass
  • Size: Bracelet around 83Cm +3 closures for adjustment / Earring around 4.5-5cm