It’s Summer! What Healing Stones Should You Bring For Vacation?

Finally! It’s the time of the year for summer vacations. You can finally leave everything behind for a while and spend some time with your family, friends, and inner self. But can you really leave everything behind?

Technology has made us very accessible for work, that’s why most of us often feel tired because we haven’t really disconnected from work.

According to Maxwell Maltz in his book The New Psycho Cybernetics, stress was not really an issue before because people had no technology. People were not on call for work because it was difficult to call people for work.

The demand of the businesses weren't that high because competition was scarce. Now that the stakes are high because of competition in various industries, we are always pressured to work more to beat the competition, hence, giving most of our time for our career.

Now that our generation is having less and less time for ourselves, a vacation is a priceless and much needed reward but we often find ourselves still worried during travels.

You find yourself in a very wonderful place, with nature. There is so much to see in this world, so much to discover, but are you really there?

Luckily, there are healing stones that can help you be more attached to being present in the moment, and protected from accidents and bad luck.

For you, here are Labradorite and Garnet to help you enjoy that summer vacation you truly deserve.

Labradorite is a mighty protection stone against the misfortunes of this world. This stone is excellent for preventing negative thoughts and unwanted energies. It also calms an overactive mind, which perfect for disconnecting yourself with work notifications for a while and will let you become more present in every unforgettable moment of our vacation. It also provides self-trust and stability, making you feel secure about the work you left behind, and how you’ll be able to catch up when you get back into the city. Labradorite will also make you communicate more positively with your family and friends, allowing loving feelings to be expressed in what you say. This will make your vacation more worth it as you catch up with your loved ones.


Aside from these, Labradorite is also a “Stone of Magic.” It is the crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. Carrying this stone will release your innate magical powers and give you more discoveries in your nature or spiritual trips.

Another protection stone that can help protect you during travels is Garnet. Garnet is especially known for protecting its carriers from evil during travel, nightmares, and wounds. It is commonly used to release bad karma, giving you protection your whole life. It is also an excellent stone for manifestation. Any vacation will be an adventure with Garnet because you will be guided as you manifest relaxation and enjoyment. The stone will conjure your dreams into reality, bringing you abundance, prosperity, and wisdom.

The most common worry for travelers on a vacation is the incessant worry for work after the vacation itself. Worry no more. Garnet is reputed to be good tools for business success. This stone will assist one’s success in career by building your self-confidence, motivation, and creativity. Consider your work done for you as you will certainly be able to catch up effectively and efficiently.

Known for boosting productivity, Garnet will surely transform negative energy into positive energy and sharpen your perceptions so you can be more wary of your surroundings while you are on vacation.

To bring Labradorite and Garnet for your Summer Vacation, try it in fashion with Ananta Stones’ Healing Labradorite Protection Bracelet and

Travel as much as you can, while you can.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.”

– Augustine of Hippo

Words by Tina Macaraeg

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