Out of Luck? Here's How to Keep Getting Lucky

Were you about to go to work today and just when you were about to park, you realize that you left your wallet or your phone at home? As you look on your watch, you see that you only have 5 minutes left until your shift starts. This stresses you, so you buy coffee before clocking in but as you walk towards your desk, you accidentally spill your coffee on paperwork. You try to save the paperwork and so the coffee splashes on your white shirt. Sounds unlucky?

After trying to pamper up, you hear biased news outlets and fake news in social media, political opportunists, natural disasters like Hurricane Michael, the California fires, and the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, and the never ending destruction of nature causing extinction to the Cryptic Treehunter, Alagoas Foliage-gleaner, Hawaii’s Po’ouli, and near extinction to the Northern White Rhino (one male died, two females are left), and the Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle (one female dead, one male alive, two living in the wild with unknown genders).

You try to buy something delicious for lunch but then you realize that you are on a budget.

How unlucky can living in 2019 make you feel?
Lucky for you, we’ve got 5 ways to make you bad-luck-proof!

1. Hold on to items that make you remember who you are

According to Kathleen Hall, an expert in stress, mindful living, and mindfulness, if you keep items that will bring you home to yourself, you can get pass through any bad news and survive knowing that as long as you are living your purpose, you will overcome any obstacle.

2. A bag of organic lavender

Another suggestion by Kathleen Hall, the smell of lavender is clinically proven to reduce anxiety. In a study done to dental patients in a waiting room, researchers have found that the scent of lavender helped the dental patients reduce their anxiety levels on the spot while waiting for their appointment. If they got their share of calm, you deserve yours, too!

3. Make a Gratitude List

This list contains everything that you are grateful for from your breakfast, safe travel, amazing job, up to your amazing mom. It can also be the little things you achieved for the day like discipline in meditating, decluttering your house, or avoiding fast food. This list benefits you by providing a framework to change your habitual thoughts through time. By doing this, you will be trained to recognize your positive achievements over fears or bitterness that might trigger behaviors of self-destruction. Need help in making this list? Feel free to message us!

4. Yoga

According to John Thurman, a survivor of the 9/11 attack, yoga has helped him manage his PTSD. The mind chatter that he often experiences before when he was still taking medication was reduced. Now he practices yoga full time and teaches all sorts of students, even military retirees and those who are also diagnosed with PTSD. It is luck to have survived the accident, and luck to have found something to recover with.

5. Lucky Healing Stones

There are three well-known lucky healing stones that can help you attract luck:
Agate, Jasper, and Malachite.

Agate helps in giving you inner stability and confidence. It inspires one to be vocal about personal truth, healing anger and trauma. It prevents us from desiring things that we do not really need in our lives. It is also known for developing focus, awareness, and analytical abilities in order to assist those with multiple jobs. An effective aid for protection, this stone is known to keep you away from accidents in hazardous jobs. It also boots the imagination of those in the creative industry, and harbors physical and emotional endurance for educators and recreational workers. The stone is also famous for promoting marital fidelity.

The complete package? Not quite. Jasper can also help you in other aspects of your life that you may have overlooked. 

Jasper soothes your nerves and focuses on shooing away nightmares or harmful thoughts. It pacifies stress and sustains physical and emotional health during injuries or prolonged illnesses even in hospitalization. Known for possessing Earth’s energies, the stone brings progressive energy and restored stamina. It also grounds you into understanding frustrations or painful experiences which harbors self-discipline and perseverance. Hence, it is a great diet stone. The discipline it promotes also makes its helpful in quitting smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Ever had that amazing dream but you woke up forgetting about it? Fret not! Jasper also enhances dream recall, giving you safe astral travels. This stone is excellent at meditation and dreamwork. You will surely be connected to Earth’s collective spiritual knowledge that can direct you to enlightenment.

Do you feel content with Agate and Jasper? You still got Malachite. 

One of Malachite’s unique properties is that it absorbs pollutants from the body and from the atmosphere. When we say atmosphere, we’re not only talking about air pollution, honey. We are talking about radiation here. Malachite can guard you from radiation, noise, and harmful rays from gadgets and lighting. It also assists you in overcoming fears of flying, makes jetlag a bearable experience, and smoothens business travels by air or congested highways. Like Agate, Malachite will also protect you from accidents. The stone is commonly used by airline workers and miners. Aside from accidents, the stone will also prevent you from making bad decisions, as it stimulates clear thinking. With clear thinking, you will be more brave in change, taking risks, and freely expressing your feelings. For ladies, the stone manages menstrual cycle and cramps. It may also assist during labor to provide comfort. It also helps recovery from traumatic experiences.

Are you an escapist? The stone might give you a good wake up call. It aids in making you realize the consequences of your actions, so think responsibly with Malachite! As an effect, you will surely be inspired enough to achieve your dreams while empathically uplifting other people to do the same.

Loved what Agate, Jasper, and Malachite can do for you?

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Remember, luck is improbable. The best that we can do is to attract positivity by remembering who we truly are, and appreciate the presence of every little thing around us. Now go and get yourself feeling lucky! 😉



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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