Want to Live Longer? Laugh Everyday



We have lots of options available now to prolong our lives. There’s stem cell treatment. There’s collagen for the skin. There are tons of vitamins in Healthy Options that can target almost every internal organ and make it healthy. Do you know what they all have in common? 

They all cost money.

Which is not that bad, since they did spend a lot for research that now has proven results. They do deserve the pay for the products and service. However, there is another practice that you can add that will prove positive results and won’t cost you anything.

Just laugh every day.



When we laugh, our muscles stretch throughout the body. That’s right, it’s equivalent to exercise. According to Buchowski, a researcher from Vanderbilt University, 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn 50 calories. Other effects of laughing in our body are better blood flow, increased immune system, lower blood sugar levels, and better relaxation and sleep. Although it’s not an alternative to medicine, how would a little laughter hurt your health?

To enjoy life better, try out Blue Lace Agate and Fluorite.

Blue Lace Agate is a stone of strength. It will conserve your energy and enhance your longevity. With a longer life, you will also feel more courage and self-confidence. You will have emotional strength with this stone and you will feel your fears wash away. Blue Lace Agate will also improve your concentration. It will give you better perception of situations and will help you think analytically to solve problems. If you are going through trauma, this stone will surely help you be more accepting of love and truth. Wear Blue Lace Agate with you to harbor more peace and harmony with yourself and your loved ones.

Aside from Agate, you can also energize your body with Fluorite. Fluorite is best used in meditation because it gives anyone better concentration. It also promotes free thinking, flexibility, and freedom of choice. It will empower you to become more vocal of your ideas and needs with confidence and it will encourage you to embrace your independence. Carrying this stone will stop you from relying on others for happiness. It also raises psychic abilities, quiets anxiety, and nurture’s intelligence. Get ready for a higher I.Q. with Fluorite.

Want to try Agate and Fluorite’s effect on you? Check out Ananta Stones’ Happy Lace Blue Agate Wrap Bracelet and The Purple Flower Natural Stone Wrap Bracelet.

Blue Lace Agate

Purple Fluorite


Happy Friends


Release the tension you feel through laughter.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin


Words by Tina Macaraeg

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