Is It Too Late To Try Yoga?

Have you been wanting to try yoga but you feel scared every time you see yogis stretch like a cat? Or carry their bodies like they’re made of cotton?

Well, it is never too late.

Yoga may be very intimidating but their community is actually very welcoming to beginners. Yoga has numerous benefits, and yogis always feel that their found spirituality and enlightenment has to be shared with those who seek it. It came from the Sankrist word “yuji” which means yoke or union. Yoga is a practice uniting the mind and body that goes way back to ancient times.

Combined with meditation, yoga can open up the 7 chakras.

But before we go into that, what is a chakra?

The term chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel.” They are visualized as colored spinning wheels, rotating throughout your life. They are powerhouses that absorbs, stores, and releases energy. If opened and trained to be used, they can provide spiritual and physical healing.

The 7 chakras are:

1. Crown Chakra
Located at the very top of the head, it is responsible for our connection with spirituality.
2. Third Eye Chakra
Also known as the brow chakra, it is located on your forehead in between the eyes. This chakra is responsible for awareness and our ability to see things from a wider perspective.
3. Throat Chakra
Literally at your throat, it is in charge of our ability to communicate.
4. Heart Chakra
This chakra is located above your heart in the center of the chest. The heart chakra controls our capacity to love.
5. Solar Plexus Chakra
The solar plexus chakra is located at our core, or the upper abdomen in the stomach area. This is in charge of our self-esteem, and confidence.
6. Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra, on the other hand, is under the solar plexus. It is located in the lower abdomen area, just two inches below your belly button, and is responsible for your learning. It manages how we accept others and new experiences.
7. Root Chakra
Lastly, we have the root chakra that is located at the tailbone or base of the spine. It is in charge of making you feel grounded and secured, like the very foundation of your whole being.

With yoga opening up your 7 chakras, you will surely be able to face any challenges against your chakras, and clear roadblocks to help you become enlightened with who you really are or who really want to be.

Although there are no scientific findings on the relation of energies that these chakras hold and their potential to cure diseases, there are studies that prove how yoga can be beneficial in healing stress, anxiety, heart health, and sleep quality.

According to, yoga can:

    1. Decrease stress by decreasing the release of cortisol or what we call the “stress hormone”
    2. Relieve anxiety and help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD recover
    3. Reduce inflammation among people with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
    4. Improve heart health by reducing bad cholesterol in the body
    5. Improve quality of life by a more positive mood, with less fatigue, and reduced risks of cancer
    6. May fight depression also because of lessening the release of cortisol
    7. Reduce chronic pain in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis
    8. Promote sleep quality because of better regulated health (from resolving disorders that result into and sleep hygiene like obesity, high blood pressure, and depression)
    9. Improve flexibility and balance through stretching and lifting of body weight
    10. Help improve breathing because of many breathing exercises
    11. Relieve migraines by stimulating the vagus nerve (the nerve responsible for migraines)
    12. Promote healthy eating habits by encouraging mindfulness and concentration
    13. Increase strength and endurance because of lifting body weight and exercising your core

Now you might be thinking, I really want to try all of these, but aren’t I getting too old for flexibility?

Yoga is a form of stretching, and stretching is highly recommended for older adults!

Stretching benefits include improvement and preservation of strength, developing flexibility, and boosts circulation and blood flow. Stretching also manages lower back pain and arthritis, reduces the risk of falling, corrects posture, and elevates energy levels.

All you have to do is gather your courage, and begin the journey of yoga.

To assist you in your life as a yogi, get your calm and mindfulness from

Regalite and Amethyst.

Regalite is a stone that provide stability. It harbors strength for your body, mind, and soul. It gives the carrier clarity, compassion, inner peace, and love. This stone is also excellent for soothing your emotions as it gives encouragement during stressful times, and a sense of completeness and tranquility. Known to have the element of earth and water, it calms you as flow back to your natural self and makes you feel content and grounded. Connected to the root chakra, this stone will surely wash away your anxiety, depression, and stress, and replace it with a stable self-esteem and confidence.

Amethyst promotes your intellectual thought, clear thinking, sobriety, emotional balance, and connection to the crown chakra. It will soothe your emotions and improve your concentration, helping you quiet out distractions in your mind and maintain a calm state. Amethyst is your go-to stone for focusing your energy, enhancing memory, and improving motivation. 

Amethyst also develops intuition and spiritual knowledge. This crystal is notoriously sought after for its ability to protect you against the influence of negative energies and enhance your spiritual awareness. Improve your mindfulness with this stone.

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Never be afraid of trying something new. Age is just a number.

It shouldn’t define what you can do.

Words by Tina Macaraeg

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