Healing Crystals Made Me Sleep Like A Baby

It’s definitely getting harder to sleep day by day.

There are so many reasons for it. It could be your tablet, your phone, Netflix, a book, a magazine, or even just your own thoughts. The invention of so many things these days have given us so much to think about and with the Internet, it’s so easy to get lost in a realm of answers. Before you know it, it’s already 4 AM and you haven’t slept yet.

You may have tried tons of activities to improve sleep like exercise, meditation, putting lavender on your bedside table, drinking milk, putting aside your phone, but still, there’s your mind that you incapable of turning or on silent mode.

You know what helped me? Healing crystals.

When I first got one, I placed it under my pillow because I read something about giving you better sleep and I have never felt so deep into sleep than I did before! I was so relaxed.

I didn’t expect it to work but apparently these crystals absorb your negative energy. Science has already theorized that everything is made up of energy. With space created in your system, you will be able to something new as long as you desire it like the energy to sleep (yes, we use energy when we sleep to replenish dead cells), or the energy to dream.

I used Moonstone for my experience but according to the reviews healing crystal experts, I also tried Howlite, and it does well, too.

Howlite is most known for its calming effect. It is an anti-frustration stone, which can help you deal with tension, anxiety and stress. Once worn close to the body, Howlite will absorb you anger and help you release it in a healthy way. By healthy, meaning the stone will repair your mind to take on wisdom and deep insights on everything that is happening around you. This stone will surely help you accept the things that you cannot change and the things that you can.

Howlite also helps you formulate your ambition. It will give you focus and motivation. It is also works wonders in helping you with communication to build better relationships and open new opportunities. I can also help you better communicate with yourself to increase your self-esteem and self-worth. Goals will be accomplished with this stone. When used in meditation, Howlite clears energy blocks and mind chatter so you can have a peaceful mind.

Who wouldn’t sleep like a baby with these benefits?

Aside from Howlite, you can also have better sleep with Moonstone. Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, that’s why it’s good to hold it close to you during the end of the day. You have inner growth, stable emotions, enhanced intuition, and sustainable calm. It will soothe your stress for the rest of the day as it promotes inspiration, success, and good fortune in love and business matters. Associated with the moon and its cycles, it is a talisman for fertility, love, protection, and especially, sleep.

Moonstone will cleanse your mind of negative emotions and setbacks. It will also attune your rhythm of biological forces and utilize your energy cycles. A talisman of fertility, Moonstone promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth, alleviates menstrual problems and change of life, and balances hormonal system. It will slow your degeneration, heal you from insomnia, and create beneficial dreams for you as well. It reveals abilities of clairvoyance, drives away nightmares and encourages sleep.


To try the powers of Howlite and Moonstone in your sleep, try Ananta Stones’ Empower, Love, Share, Howlite Bracelet Set and Enlightening Moonstone Silver Ring for Strength, Stability, and Courage.

The problems of the world are not your problems, and your problems will be solved if you have a clear mind. How can you have a clear mind? Sleep.

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

Ideas never run out. You just have to empty your mind so it can absorb new ones. 



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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