New York's eight-block long Wall Street, in the Financial District of Manhattan is a home to ambitious bankers, investors, traders, and other blue-collar professionals. 
Ananta Stone is located in Manhattan, 5th Avenue, just next to Madison Square Park. We work tirelessly to bring the power of healing stones to all busy people who are destined to live to their true potential. Our inspiration comes from many of the enlightened beings, people and places who help us gradually move to a higher place of peace and equanimity.
We are particularly influenced by Burma and its potent healing nature. Ananta stones is redefining traditional boundaries. We stand against conventional thinking. Our aim is to help people stand against negative vibrations, by utilizing the incredible healing properties of natural stones. The name Ananta derives from Pali language and means infinite or limitless, which is what we believe the healing power of stones really is. 
But, there is always more we could do to change our planet for the better - and with your help, we can. 

Piedras Naturales Únicas