Crystal Work 101: How To Program Your Healing Crystals According To Experts

Crystal Work 101: How To Program Your Healing Crystals According To Experts

Just like any exercise, programming your crystal is a warm up to prepare them for the actual workout: cleansing your life.

Prepare yourself for an intense detox with a guide on how to program your crystals according to experts from We Mystic, Healing Crystals For You, and Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler.

Program Your Crystals to Detoxify Your Life

Healing crystals are gifts of nature. Just like you, they have an inner power just waiting to be released. Before you start programming them to work for you, you have to cleanse them first.

For a guide on how to cleanse your crystals, click here.

Another question is how often should you cleanse your crystals? According to We Mystic, it should be as often as you meditate. Cleansing your healing stones doesn’t only mean removing the negative energy from them. It has to be a process of continuous conversation between you and your crystal, so both of you can work for each other. 

The Five Different Ways on Programming Your Crystal

No method is better than the other. Choose according to your instinct.

Your Voice

If you’ve heard about the cleansing, this works in the same way. Waves of energy from your voice can transfer to your crystal, programming into them the affirmations you speak. When you want to speak about absorbing positive energy, hold your crystal on your left hand. If you want to speak about releasing negative energy, hold your crystal on your right hand as you exhale.


Third Eye

This is all about using visualization. Elevate the crystal on a table that aligns the stone at the point in between your eyebrows. That is where your third eye is. Make sure the stone doesn’t touch your skin. Imagine a mental movie in your mind that shows what you want to achieve. Picture that desire travelling into the stone. 

Reiki (Your Hands)

Energy work using your hand needs proper training. For a full guide on how to use your hands for energy work, click here. Once you are trained to sense energy with your hands, it will be easy for you to program your intentions into your crystal.


The Sun

This is suggested for masculine activation. Expose your crystal out in the sun, ideally before noon, to let them absorb high vibrations. While your are exposing your crystal, you may want to meditate with it and focus your affirmations on the crystal. Be careful. There are crystals that cannot be exposed in the sun, like Amethyst and Citrine.


The Moon

To revive feminine energy, you may seek vibes from the moon. Programming with the moon is more efficient if you wish for intuition and maternity, or simply becoming close to womanhood. Place your crystal out in the moonlight during bedtime. Before sleeping, imagine your intentions in a mental movie. Feel the calm. Moonlight is like water compared to the sun’s energy. Experts in Astrology suggest that you do this on a full moon. However, you may do this programming every night if you wish.

Aside from these, you may also program your crystal to cleanse itself. According to Healing Crystals For You, you would need the help of larger crystals for this purpose. Larger healing stones can cleanse your smaller healing stones as long as they are near each other. Make sure to cleanse the larger healing stones from time to time.

Why Go Through All Of This?

Healing crystals will always have a power of their own. Each stone has a different meaning, purpose, and benefit for your life. Programming these crystals with your intentions will amplify their own functions. Now, who wouldn’t want an upgrade for a dose of positive energy? In a video by Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler, you’ll be able to understand more about the purpose of intentions for crystals.

Here’s a few transcript from the video:

Crystals are very subject to intention. Without programming, they still have [a] benefit. They’ll vibrate with a subtle energy and frequency that is supportive. But you, as a conscious creator, and a conscious being, have the ability and power to focus the power of your crystals in specific areas. 

Words by Tina Macaraeg

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