A Look At The Happiest Woman In The World

A Look At The Happiest Woman In The World

Have you ever wondered who is the happiest woman on Earth? I Googled it but I found none. Instead, I found a book that can help you become one.
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Have you ever wondered who is the happiest woman on Earth? I Googled it but I found none. Instead, I found a book that can help you become one.

You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World  is a book by Dr. A’id al-Qarni. It contains reminders on how to be happy as a woman. It is based on Islam but I found a few reminders to be very universal and important in becoming genuinely happy.

The Happiest Woman In The World

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Here’s a list of my favorite reminders from the book:

  • No to wasting time in trivial pursuits, and love of revenge and futile arguments.
  • No to seeking out other people's faults and backbiting about them, while forgetting one's own faults.
  • No to wasting time with shallow people and spending hours in idle pursuits.
  • No to thinking of past calamities and dwelling on past mistakes.
  • Laziness is kin to failure.
  • Do not destroy your heart with your own hands.
  • Count your blessings.
  • A little that makes you happy is better than a lot that makes you miserable.
  • Look at the clouds and not at the ground.
  • Organize your time so that you can do all that you have to do.
  • Your house is a kingdom of glory and love.
  • Be cheerful at heart and the universe will embrace you.
  • Make everyday a new day.
  • Take care of today only.
  • Do not feel that everyone is out to get you.
  • Blindness of the heart is real blindness.
  • Self-confidence means finding meaning in life regardless of your age; and being able to gain more from life.

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  • Do not establish a court of vengeance, for you may be the first victim.
  • Regret cannot salvage a ship from the bottom of the sea.
  • The value of life is to live every minute of it.
  • There is nothing more damaging to a woman's beauty than anxiety that makes her look older than her age.
  • There is nothing difficult or impossible in life so long as you are able to work and move.
  • There is one way that leads to happiness: stop being worried about the things beyond your control.
  • Haste and recklessness are the fuel of misery.
  • Always bear in mind the picture of success and keep it alive in your mind.
  • Thinking of happiness will inevitably lead to thinking of what comes before and after, and that, in itself, spoils the sense of happiness.
  • Real beauty lies in beautiful behavior, manners, and mind.
  • Happiness has nothing to do with riches or poverty.
  • Kindness to others washes away grief.
  • Turn your losses into gains.
  • The soul deserves more care than the body.


In chapter 8 of the book, there is a whole list on how to achieve a happy life:

Happy Woman

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  1. Do a work that you love. If you cannot do that, then find a hobby that you love and do it in your spare time and reinforce it.
  2. Take care of your health for it is the spirit of happiness. This means being moderate in eating and drinking, exercising regularly and avoiding bad habits.
  3. have a goal in life, for this will give you motivation and energy.
  4. Take life as it comes, and accept the bitter and the sweet.
  5. Live in the present, with no regret for the past and no anxiety about tomorrow that has not come yet.
  6. Think hard about any action or decision, and do not blame anyone else for your decision or its consequences.
  7. Look at those who are worse off than you.
  8. Have the habit of smiling and being cheerful, and keep company with optimistic people.
  9. Strive to make others happy so that you may benefit from the atmosphere of happiness.
  10. Make the most of occasions of happiness and joy, and regard them as necessary to renew your own happiness.

Now, go forth and become the happiest woman in the world! 

Aside from these reminders, you can also get a little guidance from nature through Opal and Regalite

Opal is a precious stone that is usually known as the queen of gems and is associated with good luck and hope. The variety of opal is numerous. This colorful stone has colors found in the full-color spectrum. This stone has the effect of alleviating mental stress such as depression and low self-esteem. As well as improving physical sight and stabilizing blood disorders, sexual issues, fevers, and infections.

On the metaphysical side, working with this stone lands protective qualities that enables us to resolve karma and enhance visionary and shamanic magic work. Keywords associated with Opal are magnifying, prophecy, spiritual awakening, communication, renewal, healing, nurturing, purification, calming, cleansing and relief. Wearing Opal on you also promotes personal power as well as peace and luck.

You can also get more stability with Regalite. Regalite will nurture the strength within your body, mind, and soul. This stone is good at bringing clarity, compassion, inner peace, and love. It will also align the energies of your chakras and provide better energy for your physical body. If you often feel anxious or depressed, this stone will connect you with the energy of the ocean and bring you joy and tranquility. Find happiness and ease with Regalite. You will surely go back to your natural state of being with no layers of anxiety, depression, and stress.

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“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action.” – Dalai Lama







Words by Tina Macaraeg

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