5 Reasons Why Spiritual Healing Is Interesting

5 Reasons Why Spiritual Healing Is Interesting

It may be a loss of a loved one, a difficult illness, or an unfound purpose why you have suddenly began your journey in spiritual healing, but why is spiritual healing interesting for many?

1. You don’t need medicine to heal spiritually

Spiritual healing is about becoming healthy with no need for medicine or any other physical method. It is healing within.

2. You are healing the root cause of your problems

Your problems may be as simple as having a messy room or not being able to eat on time. Spiritual healing is about digging deeper into your feelings and knowing the root cause of those feelings. Maybe you find it difficult to fix your room or eat on time because your mind is too clouded with thoughts. You may be clouded with thoughts because you are sad. Why are you feeling sad? Through spiritual healing, you will be able to answer that. If you fix the main problem, the sub-problems are less likely to happen again.

3. You can take your own time in your own schedule

You can spiritually heal anytime and anywhere. You are free to take your own pace.

4. The spiritual healer’s community is a healthy community that listens and nurtures

The spiritual healing community is friendly and inviting. Check out Ananta Stones’ Facebook page here.

5. Spiritual healing is always there and has no expiration date

Unlike your prescribed medicine, spiritual healing will never require a certain amount of time to be able to heal you. It will wait for you when you are ready and won’t force you when you’re not.

So how do we begin our spiritual journey?

It all starts with willingness.


In an article in Unity, it was mentioned that healing can never start unless you recognize that you are suffering, and that you are willing to let go of that suffering. Much of he troubles we experience remain because we sometimes develop clinginess to our problems. We may have gotten to the point where we know the solution, but we don’t do it anyway because we are too used to the problem’s existence in our lives. Others even question, “who am I without this problem?”

If you want to get rid of problem, you have to be willing to completely let it go.

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Labradorite and Amazonite are the perfect crystals that can guide you in your spiritual journey.

Labradorite can assist you during your stage of transformation. This part of spiritual healing is very tough, but this stone will give you strength and perseverance to successfully go through it. It will also balance and protect your aura. Your spiritual energy will also be grounded and your consciousness will reach a higher level. If you have hidden psychic abilities, this stone will help release it, strengthening your intuition and allowing you to see through your decisions, people, and environment effectively. Truth will be revealed to you easily. You will also be able to handle your fears and insecurities well while carrying this stone. If you want to harness your creativity while remaining a calm state, Labradorite is the stone for you.

For that extra calm, Amazonite can also aid you. Our mind usually makes a lot of noise when we have fears, insecurities, and other negative thoughts. Luckily with Amazonite,  it will give you a lot of courage to face those. This stone will empower you to discover your own truth and strengthen your integrity. No judgment or confrontation will ever shake you. It will also provide you freedom for self-expression and balance it with self-discipline. If you have goals to achieve, Amazonite will make you achieve them without feeling too shackled by work. This stone will also energize your heart and throat chakra, enhancing your communication on a personal level. If you’re having a hard time trying to feel compassionate, this stone is for you.

If you choose to experience Labradorite and Amazonite, try Ananta Stones’ Healing Labradorite Wrap Bracelet and Healing Amazonite Bracelet.


Raise your vibes with Labradorite and Amazonite.


Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.



Words by Tina Macaraeg

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