Calming Blue Agate Mala With Elephant Charm
Calming Blue Agate Mala With Elephant Charm
Calming Blue Agate Mala With Elephant Charm
Calming Blue Agate Mala With Elephant Charm

Calming Blue Agate Mala With Elephant Charm

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Malas has been used for thousands of years by spiritual seekers to keep their mind focused while reciting their mantras.  There are all different kinds of mala beads and generally, most of them have 108 beads on them and that's because 108 is a sacred number. It is said that there are 108 energy lines that come into our heart center and one of them reaches out to our crown chakra. And it is also said that if you reached the ideal calmness in meditation, you will only need 108 breaths in one day.

So how do you use it? So you should start with the guru bead, it is the one bead that is separated from the 108 beads, usually, a charm or a tassel will indicate where it is and where to start. Now you take that guru bead and put it between your thumb and index finger and you start with your mantra that you will repeat until you finish the rest of the 108 beads. And after you finish you will be back to the guru bead where you'll say a little prayer of gratitude.

If you are the "I easily gets distracted, and energetic" type of person then the calming blue tourmaline beads is perfect for you. You have a lot of fire in you and the soothing blue beads will help you balance it.

About the Item:

  • Handcrafted Product
  • Product Type: Mala Bracelet
  • Main beads: 108 Blue Agate Beads
  • Size: 60 cm
  • Elastic Rope


At Ananta Stones we firmly support the cause of Elephant Family. In particular project “Myanmar”. We'll donate 10% to Save The Elephants.

Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. It is estimated that there is more than twice the amount of potential elephant habitat in Myanmar than there is in India and Thailand combined. Large areas urgently need surveying, as potential elephant habitat is at risk of deforestation, especially now that the country is more open to international trade.


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