Pi Yao Wealth And Abundance Citrine Bead Bracelet (50% OFF Limited Offer)
Pi Yao Wealth And Abundance Citrine Bead Bracelet (50% OFF Limited Offer)

Pi Yao Wealth And Abundance Citrine Bead Bracelet (50% OFF Limited Offer)

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Manifest Your Dreams! Healing Properties of the stones:

Citrine is one of the luckiest stones around and is popular in attracting wealth and abundance. Citrine is called the merchants stone that helps you attract and trap money and wealth. It is also a creative stone that intensifies your mental vibe for great business ideas. This stone quartz helps you boost your confidence and creativity for general positive outlook on life. Citrine is also a great stone for anyone whose fallen on difficult times as it repels bad luck.

Using Citrine can really infuse your spirit with the optimism and positivity that you need to attract good things into your life and to bring you to a state of stability. Using this stone will make you a magnet for happiness and abundance. 

Pi Yao is a popular protector in feng shui and believed to ward off evil spirits and protects you from harm. It attracts a never ending flow of money, good luck, and abundance.  Pi Yao is a mythical creature from Asia that symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Wear it everyday for protection and good luck.

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  • Stone: Citrine
  • Beads Size: 8mm / 12 mm
  • Size: Adjustable / Elastic


At Ananta Stones we firmly support the cause of Elephant Family. In particular project “Myanmar”. We'll donate 10% to Save The Elephants

Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction.It is estimated that there is more than twice the amount of potential elephant habitat in Myanmar than there is in India and Thailand combined. Large areas urgently need surveying, as potential elephant habitat is at risk of deforestation, especially now that the country is more open to international trade. 


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