Healing Amethyst Chakra Ring + 10% Donation
Healing Amethyst Chakra Ring + 10% Donation
Healing Amethyst Chakra Ring + 10% Donation

Healing Amethyst Chakra Ring + 10% Donation

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Carefully handcrafted Healing Amethyst Chakra Ring is a protector against negative energy, betrayal, and disappointment. It expands inspiration, imagination, and creativity.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst: provides you with a number of healing properties. It does stimulate the amygdala, which allows you to open and expand your third eye. Amethyst is beneficial in helping us reach out higher purpose by connecting us to our higher power and re-connect with our own divining. Furthermore, Amethyst is particularly beneficial in helping us purify the mind, remain calm in turbulent situations, and feel more intuitive by being closer to our infinite self.

Amethyst brings calmness and clarity and is especially helpful during stressful or confusing times. It is helpful to the mind and strengthens psychic abilities - and it is thought to reduce anxiety and nightmares. Place Amethyst under your pillow for a restful sleep!

Amethyst is one of the best stones for meditation.

Physically, Amethyst can boost the production of hormones and metabolism. One of the names attributed to Amethyst is “all healer,” as it can soothe headaches, release tension, and is considered beneficial to balance flora in the intestine*.

  • Product Type: Ring 
  • Material:  Amethyst, Copper
  • Size: Adjustable - Can fit in any finger size
  • Stunning, one-of-a-kind Amethyst Ring
  • Open Ring

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 4 per person.

Make your dollar count as we donate $1 of each order to help the Burmese Delta (HTBD).

Helping the Burmese Delta (HTBD) is a small charity, working collaboratively using an integrated model focusing on education, health and livelihoods to help improve villager' quality of life in the Irrawaddy Delta Region.




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