7 Beads Lava Chakra Bracelet
7 Beads Chakra Bracelet
7 Bead Lava Chakra Bracelet

7 Bead Lava Chakra Bracelet

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Item Description:

A delicate but powerful necklace that brings the energy of the universe, with seven unique beads to open the channel of energies for all seven of your chakras.

Chakras are energy centers in our body, which energy flows through imbalance with each other, an unbalanced energy field may cause blockage in the flow of energy. Different colors are related to each chakra and therefore you can adopt stones to the chakra according to the color of the crystal. 

Red Agate - helps you with getting more protection.

Amber - improves your energy balance.

Tiger’s Eye - enhances strength/stealth/vitality.

Green King Stone - is used to ward off negative energy.

Turquoise - universal healing.

Lazurite - brings clarity.

Amethyst - promotes calm/peace.

Handmade item 

  • Shape/Pattern: Round
  • Metal Color: Silver
  • Material: Alloy Chakra Healing Beads
  • Size: 42mm x 11mm

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