A brand by a true blue New York woman... Our founder Lisa Smith once worked a corporate job in the busy streets of the Big Apple. She followed a 9-to-5 routine, wore a black suit to work every day, and rode the crowded subway to her Manhattan office.

You might be wondering, how does a woman like Lisa end up starting a company like Ananta Stones?

Imagine feeling miserable with your job, dreading your daily routine, and not even feeling like yourself anymore. That’s exactly what Lisa was going through at the time.

Well, that all changed when one day she decided to book a ticket on a whim.

Burma was a place Lisa always wanted to visit. It was everything that New York City wasn’t. Temples instead of skyscrapers, rich and exotic food, the kindest and friendliest people. And…

A hidden secret that changed her life forever.

Only a few days after she arrived in beautiful Burma, Lisa happened to walk past a colorful store with lots of trinkets and accessories. In this little stall, she found her first healing stone. It was blue, silver, and sparkly and Lisa felt an instant connection.

For the rest of her trip, Lisa spent all her time studying these precious and powerful stones. She discovered that these stones are extremely powerful tools to guide you with decision-making, increase your intuition, and even develop your cognitive abilities. And just like that…

Ananta Stones was born!

Two weeks later, Lisa was back in New York with a fresh new sense of clarity and wisdom.

Thanks to her new healing stone, Lisa started a company inspired by the country that changed her life… Burma.

Today, Ananta Stones redefines traditional boundaries through the infinite healing power of stones. With handcrafted, high-quality accessories made with carefully picked stones, Lisa fulfills her dream of inspiring other women to heal, find balance, and live their full potential.


100% Unique Natural stones

Each stone used in our products is unique, and no two stones are the same. Highest quality products made from genuine stones.

Handmade with Love

Each one of our unique products is carefully handcrafted.

100K+ Happy Customers

We are proud to announce that we have served more than 100k customers, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Happiness Guarantee

Not happy with your order? We offer a 30-Days Money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the product you have purchased from us.