Our straps are compatible with any Apple Watch Series 3 or newer case of the same size. You can choose the options:

Case Size:

Option 1: 38-41mm, if you have an Apple watch with case size 38mm to 41mm
Option 2: 42-45mm, if you have an Apple watch with case size 42mm to 45mm

After you chose your case size, move on to the next option, Strap Size. Strap Size options we offer change accordingly with the type of the strap. 

We offer three options for 5 layer and 3 layer Apple Watch Straps:

Option 1: Fits 140-160mm wrists
Option 2: Fits 160-180mm wrists
Option 3: Fits 180-205mm wrists

We offer two or one sizing options for 1 layer Apple Watch Straps: 

Option 1: Fits 165-180mm wrists
Option 2: Fits 180-260mm wrists

We offer one wide range sizing options for some of our Apple Watch Straps meaning the watch strap fits the wrists within the given range: 165-225mm wrists, 180-260mm wrists and 160-190mm wrists are the three different one size options we offer.

What if you cannot find your wrist size in the options?

We completely understand you. That is why we would like to make you an exclusive wrap bracelet that fits your wrist size. Therefore, please choose "Custom Size" in the options and click on "ADD TO CART". At the bottom of your cart, look for "Add order note", click on the link to submit your wrist size. See 2 screenshots below:

How to submit custom size

How to measure your wrist size?

We have prepared a simple and quick instruction for you. Please click the link here.

If you are still unsure after watching the instructions, or you have some concerns, feel free to contact as at supportme@anantastones.com or +1 (646) 859-5990

At Ananta Stones we are happy to help you along your entire shopping journey. 

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