How to measure your wrist size?

We know how hard it can be to choose the watch strap that just fits your wrists.
Especially, when you are ordering online, things can get a little harder. We got you covered! In order to choose the correct watch strap, first step is to determine your wrist size correctly. You can easily measure your wrist size at home with simple items!

The only thing you will need is a flexible measuring tape. Simply wrap it around your wrist just above your wrist bone or where you exactly want to put the watch strap on.

If you don't have a flexible but a strict tape, don't worry! You can correctly measure your wrist size with the help of a pen and a rope or strip of paper. Simply wrap the strip of paper to your wrist where you want to have the watch strap.

Mark where the ends intersect with the pen.
And then lay the paper near your tape to measure.

After you correctly measured your wrist size, check the chart below to find the perfect watch strap size for you! 

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