Not sure which healing stone is right for you? Take our Healing Stone Quiz and find the perfect healing accessories for your needs. 

Take a moment of quiet to recognize your thoughts and feelings before starting the quiz… Ready? Let’s begin.

Which of the following can you relate to?

You may have more than one answer. These tell you which stones you need the most.

I find it difficult to express my ideas.

Turquoise is for you. It is a protection stone that is used for healing and enhancing intuition. It aids in clearing your mind to help you make better decisions. 

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It is hard for me to make decisions.

Amethyst is for you! This stone connects you to your crown chakra and promotes intellectual thought and clear thinking.

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I feel weak because of stress.

Black Onyx is for you. A powerful stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy, it promotes physical and emotional strength and stamina,

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I feel stuck and unproductive.

Ocean Jasper is for you! This stone benefits those with creative or spiritual blocks and opens the mind to help you see new possibilities.

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I often feel anxious and I need to relax more.

Amazonite is for you! This stone gives a sense of calm and relaxation with its anti-anxiety properties. It is also used to aid in mediation.

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I struggle to accept many things in my life.

Blue Topaz is for you! It is a stone of healing, enlightenment, and acceptance. Wearing this close to you heart can open new positive feelings.

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I have low self-esteem.

Rose Quartz is for you! This purifying stone is a powerful tool for self-love. It aids in attracting positive energy into your life...................................................

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I’m not sure what I feel.

It can be overwhelming to know exactly what we feel. The Beginner Essentials Bundle is for those who want to start their journey with healing stones.

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