Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet
Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet
Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet
Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet
Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet
Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet

Healing Raw Topaz Wrap Bracelet

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Health and well being benefits of the color blue. Blue instills peace, tranquility, calmness and serenity, helping to reduce anxiety, aggression, as well as high blood pressure and heart rates.

Blue Topaz brings energy to your mind's eye. Blue Topaz helps in improving communication and self expression so it is recommended for those who are weak in articulating their thoughts. It has the ability to get tuned with the angels of truth and wisdom very easily. So, it helps during meditation to connect with your inner self. It is said that they are very useful for travelers, businessmen, salesmen for protecting them from danger and homesickness. It is useful in removing bad omens, calming anger and healing poor vision. Its vibration will guarantee the unity of the body, mind and soul. 

Imperial Jasper draws its soothing power from the element of Water. It is a stone of strength and renewal with a slow, steady frequency and a deep circular energy that embodies the relationship of all things. Its spherical patterns are a spiritual reminder of how thoughts, words and actions interact in our world and flow in a circular direction. It honors the principle that what one sends out will indeed return. Imperial Jasper is a magnificent stone for enhancing patience and coping with change, and encourages giving service to others.

Amazonite is known as the anti-anxiety stone within the healing crystal community. Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone. Wear this one-of-a-kind bracelet and become free of all toxic emotions. Amazonite helps you see both sides of a problem, alleviates worry or fear and calms the mind. Visualize water running along the Amazon River. Let go of all negative feelings. Allow what is no longer serving you to flow like water from the mind, body, and soul.

**Stone shape and color may vary due to natural stone cut and properties!**

About the Item:

  • Handcrafted Product
  • Product Type: Wrap Bracelet
  • Material: Blue Topaz, Imperial Jasper, Amazonite & Alloy Beads
  • Size: 85cm, with 3 adjustable closures (33.5-34.8 inches)



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Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. It is estimated that there is more than twice the amount of potential elephant habitat in Myanmar than there is in India and Thailand combined. Large areas urgently need surveying, as potential elephant habitat is at risk of deforestation, especially now that the country is more open to international trade.


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