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Energy Healing Found To Have Effect in Cancer Cells - A Case Study

Cancer doesn’t only affect the cancer patient. It also affects the entire family. Just recently, hearts were broken on a viral post of a 5-year-old giving support to her 4 year-old brother going through the side effects of chemotherapy. The two children were in the middle of playtime but were interrupted by the 4 year-old’s need to go to the restroom.

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Is Reiki Truly Effective? Find Out Why It's Being Used in Top Hospitals In The US

There are times when we feel too numb. We tend to become stones in the midst of hurtful words, toxic people, and unhealthy environment. We become too numb because we’re used to what we don’t deserve. Reiki can change this.

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How You and Senior Pets Can Heal Together

We know healing isn’t easy, and sometimes you just can’t do it alone at all. We are humans and that’s normal. We are born to socialize and die out of loneliness. Guess what? Pets experience the same thing. They, too, suffer from health problems when they are lonely.

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