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You Should Say Goodbye To Emotional Abuse

You should say goodbye to emotional abuse, But how do you say goodbye to something that you weren’t aware of greeting hello? Emotional abuse is like a silent assassin. It studies everything about you. Where you go, what you eat, what you spend on, what you do for a living, and from there concludes your behavior and choices on numerous scenarios. From the word “assassin” itself, it silently creeps up on you and it only has one goal: to kill you by feeding on your self-esteem and confidence.

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“We Don’t See Eye to Eye” –How to Have the Same Vision with Your Loved Ones

  Have you met someone who thinks similarly as you? If you have, then you are very lucky. If you haven’t, I know the struggle. I know how it feels like to always argue and fight for what you believe in. Although, this can really be a tiring process, you go through it anyway because who wouldn’t want to have an understanding with their loved ones? The argument either ends up in shouting or complete silence. You either choose to deal with the problem, or ignore it completely. So how can you have the same vision with your loved ones?

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