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Elephants Are Losing Their Homes and They Need Your Help

Elephants are losing their homes because of humans. Humans are increasing in population year by year which led to land being used for farming to provide food for families. This, however, greatly affects the homes and the source of food for elephants. With fewer lands to search for food, elephants are forced to search in other lands which cause conflict. Farmers often see elephants as crop-raiders and both elephants and farmers are harmed and killed because of this conflict. 

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Why Is Your Cat A Psychic?

Ever had that moment when your cat suddenly meows at you and minutes later an earthquake is happening? Well, it certainly happened to some families. Cats have saved numerous lives because of their psychic abilities, and although science doesn’t have enough research for this (because cats are smart enough not to cooperate with controlled researchers), we do believe that they are the bosses of the household. Your cat won’t do things for you. You can’t tell your cat to go fetch. In fact, you’ll fetch for your cat. They are used to being in command. But even though they act like the boss of you, they care for you so much as they have the ability to sense when people are...

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