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Is It Too Late To Try Yoga?

Have you been wanting to try yoga but you feel scared every time you see yogis stretch like a cat? Or carry their bodies like they’re made of cotton? Well, it is never too late. Yoga may be very intimidating but their community is actually very welcoming to beginners. Yoga has numerous benefits, and yogis always feel that their found spirituality and enlightenment has to be shared with those who seek it. It came from the Sankrist word “yuji” which means yoke or union. Yoga is a practice uniting the mind and body that goes way back to ancient times. Combined with meditation, yoga can open up the 7 chakras.

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Keeping Up with Your Child and Your Chi—How Can Chi Help Me with Motherhood?

Your child is a bundle of energy. No kidding. Sometimes, your kid is very dispersed—all over the place, LITERALLY. Sometimes, your kid is contained. Behaved. Stored inside the fort, or the playhouse. Changing. Transforming into a princess, warrior, knight, or queen. Sometimes your kid also recruits other bundles of energy to come join inside the fort or playhouse to fight unknown bundles of energy or have tea with them. Sometimes, you can control your child. Most of the time, your child overwhelms you. As a mother, you deal with all of this in the moment. You’re pretty used to improvising, but guess what? You can actually have another method for you to use in order to keep up with your...

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