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5 Ways Managing Your Home Made You Better at Work

As a woman, we are unfortunately given the double standard of managing the household while maintaining a career. Although gender roles are becoming more accepting in this day and age, most of us are still trapped within the bounds of this “feminine” responsibility. Embrace it or not, the management skills are surprisingly useful at work. Here are 5 reasons why:

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How I Achieved Work-Life Balance Using Healing Stones in Just 3 Ways

Are you struggling to get a work-life balance? Work-life balance is when you have time for work, and still get to spend time for other activities that accomplishes your life goals like family and social life, fitness, education, and hobbies. With the advancement in technology these days, it’s pretty hard to completely disconnect from work, especially if everything pops up in your phone. Admit it, you refuse to disconnect it because what if something really important pops up? I often react too much in these situations, but what we really need to do is calm down and think first. Here are the 3 common problems why we can’t achieve work-life balance and how healing stones has helped me deal with...

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You are a Mother—Strong, Beautiful, and Powerful

You carried me for 9 months without ever giving up. Gave birth to me knowing that half of your life is at stake, and the whole of your life dedicated to guiding me towards the right path. You accepted the responsibility of multiple jobs, and even though that already seems a lot to handle, you did everything with care for my well-being while listening to your spouse’s joys and woes, and enduring your internal war with menstrual cramps. You did so much for me through the years. Now, let me take care of you.

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Out of Luck? Here's How to Keep Getting Lucky

Were you about to go to work today and just when you were about to park, you realize that you left your wallet or your phone at home? As you look on your watch, you see that you only have 5 minutes left until your shift starts. This stresses you, so you buy coffee before clocking in but as you walk towards your desk, you accidentally spill your coffee on paperwork. You try to save the paperwork and so the coffee splashes on your white shirt. Sounds unlucky?   Lucky for you, we’ve got ways to make you bad-luck-proof!

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