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Elephants Are Losing Their Homes and They Need Your Help

Elephants are losing their homes because of humans. Humans are increasing in population year by year which led to land being used for farming to provide food for families. This, however, greatly affects the homes and the source of food for elephants. With fewer lands to search for food, elephants are forced to search in other lands which cause conflict. Farmers often see elephants as crop-raiders and both elephants and farmers are harmed and killed because of this conflict. 

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Spiritual Cleansing—How Do The Experts Do It?

Spiritual cleansing is grounded on the idea that everything is made up of energy. Not just you, but even your house, your pets, the trees, your gadgets, and your car. Everything. That’s why objects from a bad relationship often feels difficult to look or be around at, because they are full of bad energy. That’s why stolen healing stones bring bad luck because they radiate bad energy. That’s why you never feel safe in a house that has an unfortunate past because it still carries the negative energy from the previous owners. Most importantly, you yourself feel heavy, lethargic, and exhausted because you are full of negative energy. Spiritual cleansing is a ritual that can help release this negative energy...

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You Should Say Goodbye To Emotional Abuse

You should say goodbye to emotional abuse, But how do you say goodbye to something that you weren’t aware of greeting hello? Emotional abuse is like a silent assassin. It studies everything about you. Where you go, what you eat, what you spend on, what you do for a living, and from there concludes your behavior and choices on numerous scenarios. From the word “assassin” itself, it silently creeps up on you and it only has one goal: to kill you by feeding on your self-esteem and confidence.

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Out of Luck? Here's How to Keep Getting Lucky

Were you about to go to work today and just when you were about to park, you realize that you left your wallet or your phone at home? As you look on your watch, you see that you only have 5 minutes left until your shift starts. This stresses you, so you buy coffee before clocking in but as you walk towards your desk, you accidentally spill your coffee on paperwork. You try to save the paperwork and so the coffee splashes on your white shirt. Sounds unlucky?   Lucky for you, we’ve got ways to make you bad-luck-proof!

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