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Healing Crystals Made Me Sleep Like A Baby

It’s definitely getting harder to sleep day by day. There are so many reasons for it. It could be your tablet, your phone, Netflix, a book, a magazine, or even just your own thoughts. The invention of so many things these days have given us so much to think about and with the Internet, it’s so easy to get lost in a realm of answers. Before you know it, it’s already 4 AM and you haven’t slept yet. You know what helped me? Healing crystals.

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You are a Mother—Strong, Beautiful, and Powerful

You carried me for 9 months without ever giving up. Gave birth to me knowing that half of your life is at stake, and the whole of your life dedicated to guiding me towards the right path. You accepted the responsibility of multiple jobs, and even though that already seems a lot to handle, you did everything with care for my well-being while listening to your spouse’s joys and woes, and enduring your internal war with menstrual cramps. You did so much for me through the years. Now, let me take care of you.

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