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Energy Healing Found To Have Effect in Cancer Cells - A Case Study

Cancer doesn’t only affect the cancer patient. It also affects the entire family. Just recently, hearts were broken on a viral post of a 5-year-old giving support to her 4 year-old brother going through the side effects of chemotherapy. The two children were in the middle of playtime but were interrupted by the 4 year-old’s need to go to the restroom.

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Does it Spark Joy? A Conversation with Your Cluttered Home, Thanks to Marie Kondo

THE HOUSE IS A MEEEEEEEESS!!!! Is what you here inside your brain while you’re dumbfounded, just standing and staring at your children running around while your man is watching the latest football game. Maybe you’re beginning to have too many items at home. Over the years, you and your man probably have spent lots of visits in IKEA because of the delight or excitement you feel when you buy new furniture.  Whether it’s for your necessity or entertainment, you are going to shop together. During these milestones, do you really have the time to unload items you don’t use anymore or you’re just too sentimental? Whatever the case is, your house can’t hold all the items you’re emotionally holding on...

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