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The One Mental Exercise That Will Expand Your Life

Haven’t you noticed that it’s already August? It seemed like last week was just January, and now half of the month has passed! Time won’t get any slower for us and we are aging fast. Luckily, there’s a secret to youth. Nope, it’s not a fountain, and not formulated by alchemy. It’s deep in your mind.

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The 5 Plants You Need To Take Care of for Spiritual Healing

After all the spiritual healing practices you are doing, do you still feel that void? That lack of purpose in life? Whether it was just a whisper in your head that you ignored or awareness about that void, you can still expand your practices to achieve that complete spiritual healing. Here’s a list of plants that you can take care of in your own homes to complete your spiritual journey.

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To Our Guardian Angel: Happy Father's Day!

Our guardian angel stays with us 24/7. They’re like a convenience store, they give you time and make everything convenient. Walking on pedestrian crossings, travelling by car or plane, eating outside or at home, meeting new people, and exploring the world’s food and other items. We are just safe all the time because they are our protectors. Luckily, we have one on our side.

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Out of Luck? Here's How to Keep Getting Lucky

Were you about to go to work today and just when you were about to park, you realize that you left your wallet or your phone at home? As you look on your watch, you see that you only have 5 minutes left until your shift starts. This stresses you, so you buy coffee before clocking in but as you walk towards your desk, you accidentally spill your coffee on paperwork. You try to save the paperwork and so the coffee splashes on your white shirt. Sounds unlucky?   Lucky for you, we’ve got ways to make you bad-luck-proof!

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